Anyone else upset about this? Or should I ask, is anyone really upset about this?

KFC  – formerly know as Kentucky Fried Chicken until the word “fried” was associated with unhealthy resulting in the restaurant chain using the acronym to hide that fact the public – has had a long history in Canada, with the first store opening in Calgary in 1953.

KFC, along with Taco Bell and Pizza Hut – covering about 1000 restaurants in Canada has filed for bankruptcy protection today. 

Does that mean people are not eating out at these places any more?  Are consumers going more healthy (in Canada at least) and forgoing the fried chicken, the greasy (but so yummy) Pizza Hut brand and the (real?!?) taco meat in a Taco Bell taco?

Yeah, I think that might be a fair assessment.

I guess the franchisee decided against spending money cleaning up old, decrepid restaurants when less and less people are buying the food.  Consumers want healthy, they want whole wheat crust, light cheese, less meat (or real meat) and reasonable portions.  In return, KFC served up the double-down, Pizza Hut a meat lovers pizza where the crust is covered completely in a layer of ham, and then it goes from there and Taco Bell has some foot long fried taco thingy in which there are commercials mocking the size of one serving and questioning whether it is for one person, or a group of people…  Not very smart.

So I ask you.

When was the last time you ate at any of these places?

Will you miss them when they are gone?

For me???  Never ever eaten at Taco Bell, have Pizza Hut once every couple of years and KFC once a year, but the big crunch sandwich or the grilled (not fried) chicken breast – although the last one I had was still partially frozen.


My random thoughts

Why do we put up with Chris Brown?  He roughed up Rhianna and for that we (not me) still buy his music and put him on Dancing with the Stars.

Folks.  There are SO many more talented people itching for one second of publicity.  Why waste our time on this trainwreck.

Just let me know when he is in jail because his temper resulted in him assulting someone who pressed charges.

I see that Urban Toronto is looking for interns and event writers for their online magazine.  More information is available at

Frustrated that your streets are broken up, or that stop signs are being ignored, or maybe cars are going too fast and your area needs speed bumps. Reach out, or join, your resident ratepayers organization and as a group reach out to your city councillor to have these changes brought forward to the folks that fix the roads.  That is how Bedford Park Avenue between Yonge and Jedburgh got ripped up and totally re-done a few years ago, sewers and all.

You can always call 311 if you see or almost get swallowed up by a giant pothole.

Our new neighbours moved in and prompty decided to place their heavy recycling bins on out front lawn on garbage pick-up day – not on their property – so it could sink into my thawing lawn and leave an indentation.  Because I want to be a nice beighbour, I just moved it on to the sidewalk (which I hate because it blocks access somewhat).  Should I say something if they do it again?  Would you?  How would you handle this?

Would putting the bins up the stairs, in front of their front door, be too forward?

The TTC are no longer allowed to strike.  Finally!!!

Heres to hoping my 4-year-old sleeps through the night tonight – although I doubt he will.  I’m tired of him waking me up at 2,3 and 4 in the morning with his excuses;

“I heard a noise”

“I’m coughing”

“I dreamed about Godzilla”

“My dresser turned in to a person”.

All to get me to come sleep in his bed so he can toss and turn the rest of the night, then wake me at 6am so I can go to work…  Except I get up between 6:30 and 7 most days.

Note to all business owners: Free business advice – It’s your sign that makes or breaks you!

I’ve got issues.  Yes, I do and I’m going to start venting about them here.  This is the time when I get to play part consultant, part BIA (business improvement association) and part consumer with disposable income.

 Please indulge me and read on!

In the past I have posted about how stupid some store owners are and how they drive potential customers away by using stupid-signing practices.  I’m going to hit up Google street view on Avenue Road in Toronto to try to find an example, but this is what I’m talking about…

Store.  Looks like it might be a restaurant.

Giant sign above says, “5th avenue”.

I look at it.  Look again, then drive past.  WTF is 5th avenue?  and why is the name 5th avenue so important that it takes precedence over something a little more relevant, say the word “restaurant”.  Maybe even describe what kind of restaurant, like “Fusion”.  Nope.  “5th avenue”… So I would never go there.  I don’t know what it is.

So take that into consideration when I describe what happened to us on Saturday.

We went on a few errands up north of the city and had a pretty tight timetable, when we saw a restaurant on the south-east corner of Dufferin Street and Steeles Avenue (for those of you playing along in Toronto or surrounding area) and what caught my eye and my wife’s eye was not the name of the restaurant, but the tag line under the  name, which read, “The world’s best spring roll”.


We talked about going there, hemmed, hawed, then decided to schlep the kids inside and partake in the world’s BEST spring roll.  I mean you can’t advertise it if it isn’t true, right?  Or if at least you think it to be true.

Now keep in mind, I’ve not travelled the world, so I have no freaking idea just where there rank in the world, let alone in Toronto.  For all I know, they might just be that plaza’s best spring rolls – but with a tag line like that, how can you not check it out.  I’m sure the owners have done their research – thinks skeptical me.

Once inside I announced to the poor employee standing there that we were entering his premises at 4:20pm on this Saturday for the world’s BEST spring roll and hopefully he won’t let us down.  We come with mighty high expectations.

We checked out the menu – which was small and fast-food looking, only to notice that the pictures of the food look rather yummy, and although I had no idea whether it was cafeteria style or they come and serve you, we ordered at the cash, then went and plopped our asses down in a booth.  

Here is what we ordered which was what they said was the best of the best – and very funny was my kids sitting at the table asking the server over and over when he was bringing D’crisp.  I thought they were joking with him, until I took the card of the business and realized after that the name of the place was D’rollz;

d’crisp (lumpia goreng) Deep fried roll with chicken and bamboo shoot filling.

We also had a yummy rice / chicken / coconut dish that we had to eat RIGHT AWAY, before it got hard, and some crepes and a couple other things.  Essentially 12 items for $22.00.

The food was very good, bordering on delicious, but here is the thing…

I HATE bamboo shoots, and everything had them inside.  My kids also hate bamboo shoots with the exception of our daughter who ate pretty much everything until she tried the coconut/rice/chicken combo and realized too, that bamboo shoots suck.

So I ate anyways, and really enjoyed the d’crisp – bamboo shoots and all – and Linus (who must have been hungry) felt the same way, but poor Stewie held his ground and didn’t eat a thing until we were at the No Frills at Yonge and Steeles (gross) when he scarfed down a bagel.

So D’Rollz, which has every item on the menu starting with a “D'”did not have the “World’s best spring roll” in my opinion, nor in my wife’s opinion, but was totally worth the stop, especially in light of their other claim, that being the “only Indonesian restaurant in Ontario”.

I’m off to Google to disprove that.  Done.  Took 2.3 seconds for that claim to be shot full of holes.  Maybe the owner doesn’t have Google?!?


But back to my original point to any potential store owner who is ordering a sign for their business… Tell us what it is that makes you great, then ram your brand down our throats.  Had I noticed the name of this joint was “D’Rollz”, there was a zero percent chance I was going to go in.  But that description made me go, and might make me go again.

I’m just saying…

Thursday Thirteen – 90’s edition!

 As a result of a successful thursday thirteen last week on inventions of the 80’s we jump forward a decade to the 90’s for a look at the 13 best things to come out of that decade.

So put on your grunge clothing and sit tight.

1. 1990 – The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) created by Tim Berners-Lee.
2. 1992 – First text message sent, “Merry Christmas”.
3. 1993 – The Pentium processor invented.
4. 1995  – The Java computer language invented.
5. 1995  – DVD’s invented… Finally sold shares in VHS and Beta.
6. 1998 – Viagra invented.  No stiff competition there, eh?
7. 1996 – Scientists in Scotland cloned a sheep – called her Dolly.  Still waiting for dinosaurs.
8. 1999 – Napster invented and radically changed the file-sharing industry forever.
9. 1996 – USB’s introduced
10. 1997 – Wifi standard released. Now, it’s everywhere.
11. 1996 – Tamagotchi’s
12. 1990’s grunge music – Pearl Jam, lice in Chains, Nirvana, STP, Soundgarden
13. Stone Temple Pilots – 1992 “Core”. 1994 “Purple”. 1996, “Tiny music….Songs From The Vatican Giftshop”. 1999 “No. 4”

Other things the 90’s are “famous” for;

Backstreet Boys
Baseball caps being worn everywhere
Beanie Babies
Harry Potter

What about the 90’s means the most to you?

The Toronto Maple Leafs, Elizabeth Taylor, why will there be a May Federal election, new Toronto revenue streams and odd clothing on the subway

So how can you tell when Idon’t blog for a long time? Easily. When I throw together a post with a ton of topics all too small for their own post, or the post contains disjointed thoughts thrownup on the screen. So like this post.

Have I mentioned yet that am craving fish and chips and clam chowder?!? No idea why, but I am.

So here are 5 posts all in one.

Firstly, why was there a guy on the subway Friday morning in a pristine blue suit – looked brand new – yet he was wearing a dirty white baseball hat covering some long, greasy hair? I don’t understand this “look”.  To compliment this disaster, his dress pants were also too long – he was walking on the bottom of the pant much in the same way we walk in the back cuff of our blue jeans…Why?

Where was he going?

Was he trying to make a statement?

Look at me, I’m cool. I have a new blue, un-tailored suit – and I’m hanging out in it – going downtown – and to be cool, I have my lucky baseball cap on.

What do YOU think is the story here?

Next. Elizabeth Taylor died on Wednesday at the age of 79. I knew she was sick – I’ve seen picture upon picture of her for as long as I can remember in a wheel chair, walking with a cane, thin, fat, all with jet black spikey hair… I thought she was WAY older than 79. And to be honest, upon her death, I started ot read up on her because I really didn’t know she was an actress. I’m not really a movie guy, so I’m sure I would not have seen any movie she was in.

So why was she so popular?

I needed only to look at the first line of every obituary I read. She might have been most famous for being married 7 times and for fighting the stigmas that came with HIV/AIDS, as she was for hanging around with Michael Jackson. I wonder if we have any modern day Liz Taylors walking around Hollywood? Not like a Kardashian, or a Lohan, or a Hilton as they are not actresses – save Lohan – but they have not done any good for the greater public, only for themselves.

For those of you interested in Canadian politics, it looks like we are headed for a Federal election in May as the Liberals and NDP and the Bloc have all made overtures towards voting down the Federal budget.

I can’t help but feel that Liberal leader and Toronto Rock mascot Michael Ignatief (Iggy) and NDP leader Jack Layton are deadset on calling their 5th election in 7 years because their time is running out to be leaders of this country. I get the feeling that it is all about their egos and not about what is right for Canadians. $300 million dollars per election. I don’t think, with all the great work the Conservatives have put into this country during the recession, that we are going to see a change in government – maybe another minority government.

I think the key catch-phrase that will define this election came from Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty this morning on AM640, when he said, “It’s come to a time when they [Liberals, NDP and Bloc leaders] don’t even read the budget, they just vote against it.”

When you consider all the fluff surrounding Michael Ignatief, who brought his family into the election by writing about them being wealthy, and they telling people they were poor. The Liberal machine seems hellbent on portraying Stephen Harper as being “untrustworthy”. “Would you want this man running your country”, yet Ignatief has clearly either lied in his book HE wrote, or he lied to the general public.

Pot meet kettle.

The Conservatives need to save Canada from the AdScam Liberal machine and the Soundbite NDP.

And speaking about Canadiens… Thanks to those idiot Habs for losing to the Sabres last night and to those loser Senators for tanking it to the Hurricanes. Anything to keep the Leafs out of the playoffs, eh? And to think when these other Canadian teams made the post season I actually rooted for them. I wonder if these 2 teams are going to roll over and play dead for the Leafs in the last 2 Saturday match-ups of the regular season like they did last night? Doubt it, eh?

The Leafs, went 5-5 in October, 3-10 in November and 5-8 in December all but spelling the end of the Monster in Toronto, and then 6-7 in January, 8-6 in February and so far in March they are 6-5. Thank goodness for James Reimer! I thought they were playing better but competing for a playoff spot is fantastic 2 years into this rebuild.

And finally, if Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti gets his way, Toronto will have two new sources of revenue and tourism.

For one he will place a casino where Ontario Place is – a brilliant idea, in my honest opinion. I have always felt that the CNE grounds would be better used if there was a way to enclose the exhibition and keep it open more than 3 weeks a year to draw tourists. His other idea was to turn on of the Toronto Island’s, the one with the nude beach into a red light district.

While I’m not sure where I stand on a red light district, per se, I do think that taking all this “illegal” behaviour and putting it somewhere where the girls profit and not the pimps, where girls are tested and clean and the users are tested and clean, and where it’s away from the general public (hello Jarvis, or above the stores on Eglinton) is a step in the right direction.

So laugh at Giorgio, like you did at Rocco Rossi for wanting a tunnel to extend Allen Road. I think all ideas have merit and should be studied.

And with that comment, I empty my head of thoughts today…

Your thoughts on any or all of these items is greatly appreciated.