Very far left-leaning Toronto street rag/mag Eye Weekly coins Toronto’s new moniker to be “El Toro”

My immediate response was WTF! You see what happens when you lock a bunch of lefties in a room and ask them to come up with a story that does not bash right-wing conservatism… Crap.

They come up with a new nickname for Toronto that, quite frankly, is bull.

El Toro?!?

Why? How?

Read the article in the Toronto Star;–eye-weekly-readers-give-toronto-a-new-nickname

I’ll guess they chose this topic to try to make Eye Weekly relevent again. I swore I would never publish their name again after reading all their anti-conservative garbage around election time. It made me sick. Them and NOW Magazine, Toronto’s other free weekly think it is okay to waste newsprint in order to spread their socialism. I feel like they are trying to convert me or send me to the cross every time I (used to) pick up the magazines. I’m thinking this article came about because they had no other news to publish. No Rob Ford fat jokes to make, no Stephen Harper is the devil exclusives, no socialism is the best and conservatism = Marxism…


El Toro?

So I am going to use this garbage that I wouldn’t line my birdcage with as a seguey into a Thursday Thirteen post, on 13 better nicknames for Toronto than El Toro Poo Poo.

Here is the list;

13. Hogtown
12. T-Dot
11. The Queen City
10. T.O.
9. The Big Smoke
8. The 4-1-6
7. Trauma
6. T-dot. O-Dot.
5. Toronto the Good
4. Ta-raw-na
3. The MegaCity
2. Hollywood North
1. The Centre of the Universe!

Let’s stick with these ones as the Eye / Star choice smells like bullsh%t.

I mean even the Star’s own Editor-in-Chief Michael Cooke, who was a judge in this “contest” was quoted as saying about the El Toro nickname: “It’s meaningless, but it’s funny.”

Ha ha ha… who’s laughing now?

El Toro!?!

Shame on you!


One thought on “Very far left-leaning Toronto street rag/mag Eye Weekly coins Toronto’s new moniker to be “El Toro”

  1. Rachel February 24, 2011 / 10:48 pm

    #3 is, of course, pronounced Meg-ah-sitty with an emphasis on the ‘ah’


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