Listen to Sportsnet Radio, the FAN590, tomorrow morning and there will be NO Andrew Krystal

I for one am going to tune in tomorrow morning to Sportsnet Radio, the FAN590 (whew, what a mouthful) to listen to the new (temporary) morning show host, Greg Brady.  Officially the Andrew Krystal in the morning experiment has come to an end, and as a LONG-time listener (since the station started broadcasting in the old 1430CJCL days) I hope this change lasts for a while.

I liked the Gord Stellick / Don Landry tandem even though they were on the radio a couple years too long for my liking – which made me seek out an alternative talk-radio station and that was the fabulous right-leaning AM640.  With Oakley in the morning and his cast of regulars I was hooked.  While I was savouring the news-talk radio, the FAN was experimenting with morning show hosts until they settled on the aggressive Krystal.  I never took a liking to his gruff style.  He made, in my opinion, way too many lame potty humour jokes, and talked over pretty much everyone in order to finish his quips.  Listening to him and money man Mike Epple was frustrating as Epple would have to start and stop as often as Krystal would giggle his way through butt jokes.

I think Krystal should be on Q107 or something like that…  And on the bright side, did I not hear Brady stating he was married to Canadian recording “legend” Luba for 6 months?!?  Or maybe he was joking in and around the fact that he too has small kids and they are a lot of work.  I’m sure the weeks and months of listening to him on the morning drive into the office will answer those questions and many more.

Anyways, the AK experiment is over.  Below is a link to an article I wrote on my sports blog, so feel free to click through for more of the same.

Tune in again tomorrow… Same time, same channel.


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