Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

As 2011 rolls along (project 365, as someone called it) I’m wondering where all the Rob Ford haters are right now. They sure have been quiet since the kerfuffle over Don Cherry calling them “pinkos”. I hope they were not actually offended?!?

I gather they are quiet because since Ford took power he has;

Made the TTC an essential service.
Put Councillor (future mayor and my old City Councillor) Karen Stintz in charge of the TTC
Removed the $60.00 “fee” (I prefer to call it a tax) on registering a vehicle in Toronto
Moving to remove the Land Transfer Tax
Announced he is moving to remove the bag tax of $0.05 for plastic bags purchased in Toronto (if council wants to)
Stopped sending our garbage to Michigan.
Cut Councillors expense accounts from $52,000 a year to $30,000 a year(the taxpayers money councillors spend on stuff)

And he announced that he is not anti-bike and will be unveiling more and safer bike routes for the biking community in Toronto.
He is not done considering a light-rail / subway for Eglinton connecting Scarborough to the airport
and his resolution for 2011 is to lose sme weight.

Not bad.
Saving us taxpayers some money and removing stupid hidden taxes put in place by David Miller.
How awful of him…
I remember the night of his election people tweeting that they were going to move out of Toronto because this was going to destroy the city… Yup.

So I’m going to take a moment and put on my left-wing hat, and figure out how I would reply to this post.
I would probably reply with this comment, saving you all the time to have to type it for yourself;

“Yes Urban Daddy, you right-wing capitalist bastard, he’s cutting taxes but how is he going to pay for services? I’ll tell you… He’s going to cut services and apply userfees!”

Well, Lefties (and I am left-handed so do be offended) I would like present this case in my defense of not wanting to tax the rich to give to the poor… Your hero, David Miller put in place all these taxes and fees because he wanted to point out how poorly the previous mayor treated the city and to pay for all his giving to make every Torontonion equal… Then upon stepping down from being mayor, in order to preserve his “legacy” he announced that he left the city better than it was when he took over, with a surplus! Pardon me.
surplus would mean his additional taxes needed to run the city were either a cruel joke or a huge miscalculation of the debits and credits at City Hall.

That’s like me running a free swimming pool, then suddenly charging users $10.00 a visit because without it the pool will have to close, then after doing this for 5 years saying, Look everyone, I have $2 million extra dollars in the bank”… Not nice!

So I for one am happy that for dinner last night there was no gravy. Staying away from that stuff can help me shed some pounds… That and not wearing pink!



5 thoughts on “Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

  1. You're an idiot. January 10, 2012 / 6:43 pm

    You’re an idiot.


  2. don April 16, 2011 / 11:49 pm

    Please don’t be here in 2012 whining that Ford raised your taxes to cover the 2012 budget.
    All his slash and burn will make a minimal saving but get ready for a 10% tax hike.


  3. Urban Daddy January 10, 2011 / 7:39 am

    Carl – You are correct… The proof will be in the pudding. Look at all that former mayor David Miller managed to do while in office… He lost weight.

    Missy – About the LRT (as I live on Eglinton) I get Ford’s point of view. Why would Torontonions pay for a subway to bring people from Scarborough into the city. It’s like the discussion over congestion on the 400 and DVP as these highways bring people from the burbs into the city where they are not paying taxes. Let’s focus on the city first, then figure out how to get everyone in to it as safely and quickly as possible.

    So far so good!


  4. Missy January 5, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    We finally have a business savvy Mayor who is NOT a pandering, special interest group, hidden agenda, sweet heart deal, flip flopping tax grabbing freak!

    We have a serious mess on our hands. We really do. What with McGuinty & Harris’s fear mongering about the fake global warming and spending billions of our hard earned monies on useless, expensive, health hazard windmills & solar energy & eco & e-Health scams & the huge costly St. Clair fiasco to name a few, lololol, I laugh/cry bcos there is so much more as we all know, and now with Metrolinx still trying to force the Eglinton LRT fiasco et al, poor Mayor Ford sure does have his hands full.

    Mayor Rob Ford has accomplished so much in just a blink of an eye. And I know that that he will accomplish a lot more to the best possible outcome for all concerned.
    I never doubted for one moment that Ford was a dictator like his predecessors.
    He does listen. He does weigh out the logical solutions so that they will benefit the variety of peoples needs.

    I also know that subways are the best for any city. I only wish that greedy, hidden agenda politicians didn’t stop their progress since the late 60’s. By now we would be way ahead of the game. But to repeat St. Clair’s fiasco, blocking all left turns, or just going south on the same side street, bcos of a dedicated LRT lane is just plain wrong. Heck, so many major European cities got rid of LRT’s in lieu of subways.
    Maybe Mayor Ford could see his way clear to foregoing the Scarboro subway and focusing on building it on Eglinton. That sure would make a lot more sense in the short and long run.
    I do understand that builders want to build subdivisions out in Scarboro & I do understand that that industry creates jobs & is the back bone of Ontario’s private sector, but having said that, I wish there just was some way to build subways instead of the ghastly nightmare of the expensive LRT’s that prevent people from turning left on any street that they need to, or continuing south. Looking for U-turn lanes to loop around & double back just does not make any sense. It just creates more congestion and pollution.

    We are glad you are our Mayor Mr. Ford. Finally a man that actually thinks and has the balls to stand up for what is right, is in this job. Way to go!
    Thank you for saving us from all the tax gouging, self serving dictators. 🙂


  5. Carl A. Epstein January 4, 2011 / 10:31 pm

    Well Urban Daddy,
    I guess you said it “all”, but, the proof is in the pudding. I believe Mayor Ford can produce, BUT time will tell and actions speak louder than words especially in politics. I have seen many promises in my lifetime, but as I have said…. Time will tell. We have a great city and I do not want to see it go down. Lets all get behind Mayor Ford and give him the support that he deserves. A new broom always sweeps clean….
    As Always….Me


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