How You Came to Me (the Adult Version)

A friend of mine told me on Saturday that my blog was getting soft and sentimental and if it stayed this way she was going to stop reading.

“Wait”, I told her.

“I’ve been holding back a post which has some sizzle and slime in it.”  I promised to post it this weekend.

Basically this is another list of how people come to me using the search feature in their preferred browser.  This list is not the fun, happy list, but instead makes me scratch my head.  For example, someone was directed to my blog after typing “Google Street View Child Pee”.  Yes, I’ve written a few posts about Google Street View and about my own kids and peeing, so that’s how they get here.

What other terms have people entered into search engines to come to be;

  • Sniff my nannies panties
  • I touched poo
  • Can I smak my child in public
  • can I lick a g-string
  • My penis hurts
  • what’s that smell?
  • Can I see you naked?
  • Will I like sex?
  • Can I merry my cousin?
  • I can see my neighbor nude can she see me?
  • is it better to wax or shave ass hair?

Folks!  Who types these into search engines? 

… and how pissed off each and every person must be upon actually coming to my blog… The answers are not here.

LOL.  I actually went and Googled whether it’s better to wax or shave ass hair.


2 thoughts on “How You Came to Me (the Adult Version)

  1. Rachel December 6, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    And? Which is better? 🙂


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