Reader Input Required. Current Events Challenge.

Happy December everyone!

As the holidays roll nearer and nearer, and people tend to be nicer to each other, I think it’s time to open up this post to reader insight, since you’ll all be in a good mood and participate…

Now I know how many of you read my blog – I have a hit counter – but I don’t know who reads it and that’s not important.  What I can tell, however, is that my hits have more than tripled in the past 4 months, so thank you very much for taking the time to stop by on twitter, on wordpress and through subscriptions to read my crap.

Today I thought I would post some current events happening in the world and allow you to tell me, and the many readers of this blog which one(s) means the most to you and why.  Which piss you off and which make you happy.  Interact.  Have fun.

Here is your list to choose from:

  1. Monday was Cyber Monday which was pretty much Black Friday, but online.  There were supposed to have been plenty of deals to be had and over 100 million shoppers expected from the US alone.  My wife, at home on Monday – credit card memorized was ready to click send on her shopping cart and bring home a deal.  Her question to me as I left the house Monday morning was, “Is there anything you need?”…  By Monday night we had found nothing to buy.  In the end we bought some customized metal water bottles for the kids and a new shower curtain and bathroom set for the kids bathroom.  What, if anything, did you find interesting and buy this Cyber Monday?
  2. Leslie Nielson died on Sunday – of the Naked Gun fame…  A very funny Canadian. 
  3. The Montreal Alouettes won the Grey Cup and right after the game their Quarterback Anthony Calvillo announced he is scheduled for cancer surgery after a spot was found on his lymph node, detected in August… He didn’t tell a sole, played out the season, won the Grey Cup and now is going under the knife. WOW.
  4. The CRTC has given a 5 year license to SunTV to create a “right-wing” news station… All I can say is it is about time! I can’t wait for it to come on air. I’m just tired of having all the news presented to me with that left-wing / anti-right-wing slant…
  5. North Korea vs South Korea… WTF is NK doing? And another WTF to Sarah Palin who said we “need to stand behind our North Korea allies”… Huh?  I know there is tension there, but seriously folks… Let’s watch the North Koreans like we do the Iranians… That’s working!  Not!
  6. What are your thoughts on the WikiLeaks? Are they going to cause problems for the US government?  Should the person / people who leaked the documents be charged with treason?  I heard on the radio that informants are less likely to tell secrets to the US for fear that they will come out in the public a few months later.
  7. Are you fed up with the world’s response to Iran building nuclear weapons and threatening the world with them? Well apparently so are Iranians. Turns out 2 academics were attacked in Iran Monday, one of them identified as a scientist involved in nuclear or ballistic missile activities. Iran blames Israel and the US, of course… In a country that “has no homosexuals” should we expect anything else?
  8. And what are your thoughts on a news story that broke this weekend whereby the Toronto Hydro tipped off police that someone was using an above average amount of power at all hours of the day, prompting police to locate a grow op and arrest and charge the man. Is this information private or should the cops be receiving calls from hydro in cases like these?


No pressure now!  Do the best you can.


4 thoughts on “Reader Input Required. Current Events Challenge.

  1. Rumour Miller December 14, 2010 / 10:25 pm

    To be honest, the post reminded me of my husband. He follows news, I follow how many times the baby filled a diaper.

    it’s win/win for us, I guess.

    Thanks for the like!


  2. Urban Daddy December 7, 2010 / 4:01 pm

    Rumour Miller – Thanks for dropping by. I checked out your blog and will be coming by again. I went to facebook and “liked” your page.

    I don’t get to watch the news either… Treehouse for us too. It’s the news I find on my computer as I log in to my email at home that I felt compelled to comment on.


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