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Temple Sinai event: Jews and the Jazz they made

I had the opportunity on Friday November 19th to attend an event at Temple Sinai in Toronto, called Jews and the Jazz they made.  One of the main reasons I wanted to go was because it was arranged by a friend of mine, Dr. Andrew Jacob Scott, a guitarist / arranger and composer who has released 3 internationally recognized CD’s.  Dr. Andy, as I call him, has lectured at universities and for conferences across North america and has been published on the subjects of jazz and popular music. 

I sat right up at the front and not only did I thoroughly enjoy the hour of fantastic music and interesting discussion surrounding how Jews wound up in Jazz and to the same extent the Blues, but I got to see first hand how amazing Dr. Andy is on the guitar.  His hands were moving so fast and the music… Amazing… I’m speechless. 

Dr. Andy (no surgery, please, he’s a doctor of music) brought with him 3 other fantastic musicians; Mark Eisenman, Shelly Berger and Barry Romberg.  Even Cantor Gershon Silins got into the act, singing on a couple of songs.  I can speak for all those who attended when I saw that Shelly Berger attacked the bass and at times played with his eyes closed, by the feel of the instrument.  He received numerous ovations as did Barry Romberg who was magnificant on the drums.  Mark Eisenman was wonderful on the piano but it was Andrew Scott who stood out with his magical fingers and beautiful music.

… and all in all, the event was way more than I could have ever anticipated.  I would definitely have paid for this event – which was free courtesy the Carl Mendelsohn Family Endowment Fund.  The house was packed and as I looked around I think each and every person was toe tapping enjoying the music.  There was a buzz in the air and at the end of the event people were raving about what they had just witnessed.  A wonderful way to end a long week of work

Some non-music highlights from this night;

  • I had a card for the event stating it was to start at 8pm, so when I arrived at 8:30pm, I was shocked / pleasantly pleased to see 3 other people in the room, so I walked in, stood there and blurted out to Dr. Andy, “Are there any good seats left?!?”  I then went and sat with his wife and MIL. 
  • As the event began, the Cantor made a speech that someone left their car running in the parking lot.  It stayed running throughout the show.  The driver did not want to miss a beat!
  • Listening to Dr. Andy play and talk about the music he was playing reminded me of the many walks we used to take together on the evenings and weekends with our boys, where Dr. Andy would enlighten me on the topics of music, marriage, politics, religion, sports and life.  We would walk and chat for hours… Then came our second kids, and third, and I moved twice since then… Ah, good times indeed.

All of the feedback I heard from the crowd was terrific and there were high compliments paid to Dr. Andy not only for his music and discussion but also for the fact that he composed a song for this event, he called “Flat Two Blues”. 

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