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Why Do I Blog? Why Do You Blog?

I often wonder why it is that I blog.  I wonder, during the day, if I’m wasting my time with this whole blog thing, and at night, I wonder the same thing, as I’m typing up my posts for the week. Is anyone going to read them? and if someone does, why, and in the end does it really matter? 

I’ve said this before, that I don’t write posts for others… usually… although I have been known to in the past – I won’t make that mistake again.

I try to write my posts with the view that this online journal is going to help me remember key points in my family’s life as we move from day-to-day, kid-by-kid, and event-to-event.  It’s nice to be able to look back and see what we did, for example, for my 1st child’s 2nd birthday, and use that in preparation for my middle child’s 2nd birthday, and still have that online when it comes time for my daughter’s second birthday.

I used to post about events that happened to me at my old job – but that turned out to be a colossal error of judgement as it revealed WAY too much about me and my family and opened up my life for judgement and criticism from those who knew that I blogged.

Going forward I share events and stories with like-minded individuals and use my blog as a forum to talk about me, the father of 3 kids, the husband, the manager, volunteer and human being.

I was content doing this for the people who came to my blog with regularity and maintaining a respectable number of daily readers.

All of this changed last Wednesday – for those of you who read my comments, you would already know – when I was reached out to from a local TV station regarding my interest in participating in a talk show on blogging as a Daddy-blogger.

Initially, I was dead set against the idea but after talking to some friends in the media, I met with the executive producer of this show and we chatted about what it is that I do and why. 

During this 15-20 minute chat, we talked about how I got started blogging, what my challenges are as  a Dad and why I like to blog stuff.  I answered the questions as best as I could and the more we talked the more it came back to me why it is that I do this in the end of the day. 

It’s because I love being a Dad! 

I started because my wife blogged and I loved reading her posts.  She is such a great writer (I miss her posts) and I wanted to have my take on family events too – we see things so differently.  Eventually, I added other topics to my blog, like work, the TTC, municipal events – like the condition of the streets – volunteer activities and my search for a new job.

I found my blog became the repository for everything that happened to me during the day – good and bad – and if you look back at some of my oldest posts, they have little rhyme or reason, as I used this blog for a dumping ground of my emotions. 

Doing that allowed me time to grow emotionally, and as a writer as I would go back and read comments and those comments helped me realize whether I was writing something interesting of something crappy.  The more I wrote my posts to those readers the less I became myself, but the more I wanted comments.  I wanted to be noticed.  I think deep down inside I wanted what some other bloggers I knew about had, like Cheaty Monkey and Redneck Mummy, I wanted to be able to write a post worthy of 30 comments or 200 hits… I wanted to be known.

Then somewhere along the line I realized that being the Dad of 3 kids, with a new job which I love(d), I had been blogging for over 4 years and with little in the way of hits or comments I just enjoyed using this forum to talk about what it’s like being an involved father. 

I was fortunate to have been in a position to have taken off 9 months to be with my first son, 4 months with my second, and yes, one day with my third, but on the weekends, they are mine and in the evenings I take care of their bedtime routine and I would not pass that up for anything in the world.

Sure I find there are times during the day when I wonder why I’m working (obvious reasons – to pay bills) because I just want to be home with my kids.  Yes, we do programs in the evenings and on the weekends, and sure every now and then I am able to walk them to school, be the class parent, or take them for a walk to run errands… I want them to be as involved as possible so when they get older they won’t be afraid to ask for what they want or settle for a job they do not like because they are too hesitant to make a move.

And while I do not have the burden of having to make the big decisions – schools, meals, camps, lunches, or stuff like that as my wife does all of that too much success, I am involved in the conversation regarding these decisions as much as I can.  My wife and I attended 5 or six schools before we chose the one my oldest goes to know and I went with my wife to speak to the principal of the new school that my middle child attends.  We visited camps, arranged sports events and we plan vacations that would be fun for everyone.  I like to be in control but where I cannot, I know my wife will have already done the legwork and spoken to people and will come to me when we’re close so we can seal the deal together and be comfortable that it is the right decision for us and our kids.

I try not to miss parent teacher interviews, I look at homework and often find myself asking my kids how their day was and what they did.  I worry about how they are socializing with their classmates, and between each other.  I worry about how they are to their teachers and try to get them to treat their nanny with the most respect possible.  I worry about how they are going to cope as they grow older. 

My oldest boy is so much like me that I want to watch his development and remind him that to be successful in school and in life he needs to be a little less goofy and a little more serious.  I remember about 6 months ago when he told me that he didn’t know; “When is the right time to be serious and when it’s okay to be goofy”.  I try to teach him.  My middle boy, on the other hand is all my wife and I want him to be a little less intense and a little more outgoing so that he can use his natural smarts to be the best he can be.

So getting back to why it is that I blog… I told this TV station about why I love being a Dad and why I didn’t really want to be on TV because I’m not the worlds’ most articulate guy all the time and at times I wonder if any of these posts even make sense on the screen after I type my garbled mess.  But the more I talked about myself and my enjoyment of fatherhood, I realized I could do this, and if they decided after meeting me that they wanted to give me a shot and have me on, I would do it.  Not for the potential for more hits, or more comments, but hit the opportunity to pass along to anyone that wants to listen why it’s great being a parent and to share some of the things we have encountered as a family and how we moved past them.

Trust me… If it’s going to happen, I’ll let you know…

… Maybe.  🙂


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One thought on “Why Do I Blog? Why Do You Blog?

  1. Dear Warren,
    Why do we blog?Well that is a very interesting question ,and one I have grappled with over the last few weeks as I have asked myself the very same thing. Why?We are as human
    beings the sum of all of our experience and interactions
    and reactions to people and the world around us.
    We have this strong desire to connect with each other to feel a sense of belonging to reaffirm we are on the right track that we are not alone.There are other like minded individuals out there that have similar thoughts and experiences that we have.
    Sometimes it can be a sense of injustice we see perpetrated on an individual or group of people and we somehow want to right that wrong.So we reach out to the collective minds of the people around us figuratively waving our arms in the air saying “Do you see this”? “Are you feeling what I am feeling”?
    For example today my emotions got the best of me and I
    felt I had to reach out and do something no matter how small it was .I felt I had to try.
    I am referring to the situation in Haiti.These poor souls have been through so much and now to be dealing with an outbreak of cholera is just astounding.
    When I watched the film clips there were still the same tent cities with garbage all over the place.
    Rubble from the earth quake was still visible.
    My question was what exactly has been done ? Where are these pre-fab houses that months ago bulldozers were preparing the ground for. Nobody needs to die from cholera.Clean water and hydrating the individual is all that is needed to save a persons life. Why then is the U.N PREDICTING 200,000 deaths in the next 3 months.
    Out of frustration I E-mailed C.B.C. asking them to see if they could get answers for me .What and how has all the money we sent to Haiti been spent?
    As per television broadcast with Dan Matheson and Lisa
    LaFlamme only 15% of billions of dollars has actually reached the people.Why? Why? Why?
    When we blog or tweet we make our selves vulnerable.
    We are putting the essence of who we are out for all the world to see .Is that a bad thing? Is that a good thing?
    I am not judgemental so I can not answer that.What I do know is that communication empowers us .Listening to each other no matter how trivial it might seem ,validates us.Our words and thoughts on paper or stored on a blog are there long after we have gone.A testament to our existence .

    Your idea of chronicling the experiences of raising your children is a great one and one I am sure your children will certainly appreciate and thank you when they are grown.
    When I ran for municipal council I entered the race
    late.I had approximately 2weeks of hard campaigning.
    What a lot of people did not know was that while on the campaign trail I got caught in the rain and developed
    pneumonia. I was flattened .Very difficult organizing and trying to rally people when your in your sick bed.
    At any rate the telephone and a twitter account was my way of trying to compensate.It definitely does not take the place of face to face contact which is critical in letting people get to know you.And then I stumbled upon your blog Warren.I managed to gain fairly large community groups so my feeling was at least I had a fighting chance.The night before the election I received a very disappointing call from a large group who informed me that after the endorsement of the Sun for a certain candidate they were going to support the encumbant because in their eyes the could not risk that candidate getting in. I can not help but wonder if my health had been better and I had campaigned harder would the results been the same. It was a very polarizing election to say the least. All total I had probably 10 solid working days and garnered close to 700 votes.
    If there is one thing that bothers me the most is I do hope people do not feel that they wasted their vote on me. Have I learned a lot.yes you bet I have! Being well organized which I am but also having your backers in place long before election is vital. I am very comfortable in my own skin and I know that my heart was in the right place. Just to let you know your positive
    feedback and kind words took some of the sting out of failure.I met so many wonderful people along the way and that made running all worth while.
    As to something totally different I would like to comment on the lady feeding her infant coke zero. That is so sad .She obviously has no idea that the aspartame
    literally eats the neurons in her childs’ brain. Evan if you had confronted her would she have understood ?
    In closing I just want to thank you. I paint,I love to create beautiful gardens and all my life I have wanted to write a couple of books that I have had bouncing around in my head. I fancied myself perhaps an Erma Bombeck writing the humerous antics of my children over the years.
    I am thanking you because if it was not for your blog
    I never would have found the courage to write my stories.So please keep on blogging and best of luck with your T.V. series.
    With words we touch each others soul. Words can be much more powerful than the sword. WORDS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.


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