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Random Thoughts in Rainy Toronto. Post #600.

  • Still wondering what I might have done differently upon seeing that mom feeding her 1-year-old Coke Zero instead of glaring at her in disgust the other day @ Costco…  What would you have done?
  • On Wednesday I was sick.  Stomach flu.  The 24 hour variety that required vomiting.  I was back to work on Thursday with 200+ new emails.

Thursday Stewie had it.

Saturday Urban Mummy, then Linus…

Monday the baby got hit…

Got to love those “relaxing” weekends after a long week @ the office.  With no sleep and a ton of stuff to get done right now, I already can’t wait for the weekend. 

  • I have 480 “followers” on Twitter… Truth be told, I’m not really sure why people want to follow me, so I just tweeted that and lost 5 followers.  LOL.  Those were the smart 5.  They just got their 4.2 seconds back they would be wasting reading my drivel.  I’m following 900 people, a lot of them are spam, but some are cool local folk who chat every now and then.   You can follow me too if you want @urbandaddyblog
  • What does Twitter-etiquite say about removing people who follow you?  On Facebook if you remove people you face criticism.
  • Sunday was the Santa Claus parade in Richmond Hill and in Maple.  So this is where Santa is this time of year!  Shouldn’t he be making toys or something like that?  Or is EVERYTHING made in China these days…
  • The Toronto Argonauts beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Eastern conference semi-final on Sunday.  YAY!  and whew!
  • I need to tweet @Ellismate, Jason Ellis and ask him what the heck is a “Red Dragon”?
  • Missed 2 birthday party’s, and 2 meals this past weekend!  Sucks!
  • Berry’s first birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.  WOW.  Where did the time go, and wow, where did my hair go?
  • Maybe coming to a TV near you soon… This urban daddy…
  • On Friday I held a BBQ for the around 75 people in my office.  organized it and cooked the food.  What a blast!  I got to eat everything I dropped which meant 2 hot dogs, one European sausage and a sirloin burger that I put aside but burned.  Then I had 4 interviews to conduct while smelling like a BBQ.  OY.