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Sharing some stories about my kids

I am thinking about renaming my oldest son, 5-year-old Linus to Archie, from the comic book fame.

You see in the comic book, Archie loves Veronica, while Betty loves Archie.

In real life my son absolutely adores a girl who was in his class last year, but is in the other grade one class this year, but there is a girl in his class both last year and this year who absolutely adores him. Let’s call that girl, Betty. Betty draws pictures for him, she gives him gifts, she saves a seat for him in class. Betty adores him. It’s all so adorable.

Then there is the other girl, Veronica. Linus LOVES Veronica. He told me last year that he and Veronica were going to move in together, start a business together and get married because they are bestest friends.
Oh yes!
Why just the other day at parent-teacher interview, Linus’ teacher asked us about the love affair between the two. His teacher went on to say that the two, “got married” at lunch time with the other kids around – to be witnesses, no doubt.

It’s crazy, eh? He was 4 when he made this pronouncement… Now he’s only 5. She’s 6.

Thank goodness we’ve met her parents and they are awesome!

My daughter, Berry, is making some major headway as she hits the 11-month-old mark. She can sign many words, most importantly, “More” and “eat” and as she signs them, she tries her best to spit out those words. She has words for her oldest brother – not sure she knows the middle child’s name – for “doll”, “pumpkin”, “elephant” which was her costume on Halloween, “cookie”, “mama”, “dada”, “milk”, and she has this one phrase she spits out when I pick her up from her crib which I think is something along the lines of; “About $^#^%#& time you came to get me. Now take me to mummy for mummy-milk, %$#%^$”. It’s the same expression each and every time!

I wish I knew what she was saying!