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The sleeping patterns of a 2 year old, and now 4 year old.

What a difference a year (or 2) makes!

In 2008 I wrote a blog post entitled, “Ewww Stinky”

In that post I discuss the wake-up routine of then 2-year-old son Stewie and how it was that he woke up in the morning with a diaper full of poo, but he would never leave his bed until we came to get him.

It was the funniest thing. Picture this… obedient little boy, laying in a toddler bed, one foot off the floor, but he never once stepped foot off the bed until someone came to get him – that someone could have been me, urban mummy, or even big brother Linus.

Fast forward 2 years and here is Stewie, now 40 pounds, still needing a diaper at night – still waking up full of poo more often than not, but does he wait in bed for someone to come get him?!? Heck no. The happy wandered shows up at my bed at all hours of the night. He’s tired, he’s scared, he’s hungry, he heard thunder… The list goes on. It’s near impossible to get him into bed. What’s worse, is that last night, for example, he came to get me at 4am – he was hungry – and when I said we could go downstairs and get him a bite, he whipped out his flashlight to lead the way. Then… In typical Stewie fashion, he suckered me into sleeping in his bed with him and once I fell asleep, he left to go sleep with mummy, leaving me cramped up and uncomfortable.

I long for those days where he would stay in bed and call for us to come get him and release him from bed-prison… I long for the days when Linus would stay in bed until 7am. Early morning wake-up calls are frequent in our house and are a major reason why I’m tired all the time. I at least can get back to bed… Urban mummy… Once she’s up, she’s up for the day.

I’m going to remind Stewie of this tonight.