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Top 10 Music for Daddies, from

I came across this post on my twitter feed, @urbandaddyblog and decided to re-post in since I have not heard of any of these song and being a music guy too, I want to check them out.  Truth be told, I know #3 and #10 very well and like them both a lot!

According to, here is the essential top 10 songs for daddies.

  1. Pearl Jam — Given to Fly: Possibly the greatest song by the greatest band out there. Epic in sound and stature, like the undulation of a wave.
  2. Stevie Wonder — As: Seriously, I will reach through your computer monitor and smack you upside your raggedy head if you deny the genius of this song. Not to mention Herbie Hancock on the guitar.
  3. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up: A song that begs the question about what we fill our lives with.
  4. David Bowie — Space Oddity:Here I am, floating in a tin can…” C’mon! You can’t not like this song. A song about stepping out, about new territory and open space.
  5. Radiohead — Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: A positing of the metaphysical, and a soothing expanse, always with that glimmer of hope.
  6. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros — Johnny Appleseed: Street-wise, socially conscious music by a man who lived what he sung.
  7. Mastodon — Sleeping Giant: If you’re my age, then you’ll appreciate the cheesy sci-fi video. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll appreciate the wall of sound that goes with it.
  8. Fleet Foxes — White Winter Hymnal: One listen and you’ll know. It ties in the brilliant harmonies of old church hymns and folk music.
  9. Mad Season — River of Deceit: Because it’s that good. A haunting voice from one of the greats.
  10. Queens of the Stone Age — No One Knows: Precise, choppy guitars, and clean vocals. One of the greatest rock and roll songs from this decade.

And no, we’re not related, and no, I’m not one of the urban daddies… I’m the urban daddy.  🙂

But please, chime in with which ones you hate and which ones you like…

I alsways suspected that any list of music which claims to be dad-related would have the song Big Leagues by Tom Cochrane in it, but being an American site, they have probably never heard it… Hopefully they’ll come by and take note.