Go ahead… Pick your Poison: McRib, Double Down or …Baconator

Well folks, I’m not sure if your heard (or care) but the McRib is back!

Yes, that is correct. McDonald’s McRib sandwich is back. The McRib “phenomenon” really is something special in the world of fast (fat) food. For those of you who have not seen this baby, or don’t eat meat, the McRib is an incredibly popular pork sandwich which is cut to look like a short stack of ribs, but only appears once every so often in McDonald’s restaurants.

I think in order to keep interst in this sandwich – like the McShamrock shake which shows up around St. Patrick’s Day – the McRib appears just once a year, and only at select restaurants.

Thank goodness for technology (id there an app for this?) because this has caused much grief to the devoted / addicted followers of this sandwich who drive hundreds of miles out of their way to acquire this “beast of a meal”. I wonder if it’s the taste or the thrill of the chase?!?

Did you know that web searches on “mcrib mcdonald’s” are up over 1000% and related lookups on “mcrib locator” are also through the roof.

Here is the McRib locator: http://www.kleincast.com/maps/mcrib.php

No sightings in Canada yet…

With that, I thought about how unhealthy this sandwich is – I have tried one before and am not inclined to try one again – and some of the other more obvious, or less obvious (poor) choices.

Which would YOU rather eat?


The McRib contains 26 grams of fat. 450 Calories
216 Calories from Fat
8g Saturated Fat
75mg Cholesterol
890mg Sodium

KFC’s Double Down:
Ingredients: Two boneless Chicken Filets, two strips of bacon, two slices of monterey jack and pepperjack cheese, Colonel’s Sauce.
540 Calories
32g Fat
1380mg Sodium

A large Quiznos Tuna Melt:
1760 calories
133g fat
2120mg sodium.

Wendy’s Baconator:
1350 calories
90g fat
40g saturated fat
3.5g trans fat
320mg cholesterol
2780mg sodium

Chicken wings:
1 chicken wing (without any goopy souuces or dipping sauces)
103 calories
1g fat


What would I rather have?!?

Well, I’d like to try the baconator, and a double down, except I hear the double down is REALLY salty! Don’t like salty food. I can taste the salt in President’s Choice decadent chocolate chip cookies. Ruins the taste.


2 thoughts on “Go ahead… Pick your Poison: McRib, Double Down or …Baconator

  1. mamasnotes November 5, 2010 / 11:19 am

    I have to admit I tried the double down. It was salty, I had it without bacon. Did not like the sauce in the middle too much. Could not eat dinner that night I was stuffed. As bad as it sounds I think if you put it on a bun and covered it with the KFC gravy it would taste better and somehow cut the salt flavour! Just a thought!


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