How You Came to me, Part II

In light of all my posts in the recent Toronto Municipal election, I expected a ton of search engine hits which were political in nature and I was not disappointed.

What did make me laugh, however, were the REALLY odd terms which brought people here.

I feel like sharing tonight.

Here is the list beginning with the most frequent used search term(s), then a dash (-) then my comment;

dusan kralik ward 23 – This of course brought people here to check out my piece on my friend Dusan, who came in 2nd in Ward 23.

urban daddy – Errr, that’s me!

reasons to vote for rob ford – People who typed that into Google would be very happy if they read my many posts on the reasons to vote for Rob Ford.

nescafe encore chicory – Yes, I did write a post on this coffee – which is my favourite instant coffee, but might be surpassed by Starbucks VIA Colombia.

beth mclellan ward 21 – Beth ran in my ward, and while she got some positive publicity, she came a distant 4th in the polls.  Better luck in 2014 Beth. – If you searched this and wound up here, I’m sorry.  Tell that website to change their URL!

captain lou albano – Geez… Still.  What’s the fascination with Captain Lou?  Sure I get thousands of hits a year to my post about his life and death, but people please…

toronto george smitherman donor list – First of all, I’m not on this list, secondly, if I had it, do you think I’d be hiding it like George still is…

why you shouldnt vote for ford – Yeah, this site is not going to please you if you are looking for reasons to NOT have voted for Rob Ford…

will rob ford cut transit – Well, I can’t see him removing transit already in use, and I cannot see him allowing another St.Clair fiasco, so you might want to ask him instead of asking Google.

1717 avenue road 2010 – Yup, this monstrosity is almost complete and believe it or not it almost cost Councillor Karen Stintz her seat.  Shame considering that moron who hijacked the process still remains nameless…

is george smitherman a daddy – Yes.

toronto google street view garbage – You really expect to come to this quality website in order to see street view of garbage?!?  Dude, if the street view shows garbage, it’s been picked up already… Duh!

work permit starbucks canada hrsdc? – Do you need a work permit from Human Resources Social Development Canada to drink in Starbucks or work in Starbucks?  Well, it depends… Where are you and what are you drinking?!?

capt lou albano and cindy lauper – The only search term worse that just Captain Lou…

dusan kralik + liberal party – Bet you left here disappointed… Dusan is NOT a member of the Liberal machine!

can i vote out of the area in live – Like for President of the US?  Or you live in the boonies and want to vote for Mayor of Toronto… This answer is a resounding no!  Puhleeze…

toronto vote tax impact – Convoluted search terms like that brought you here.  Sucker!!!  Try again.

trip to the dentist for a filling – Thanks for sharing…

dusan kralik urban daddy – He is NOT the urban daddy, but a friend of urban daddy.

why i should not vote ford – You should not vote Ford because you researched policies of the other 23 candidates for Mayor and found one that better suited your needs, not because some guys blog tells you otherwise… Oh, shit… That’s not good to point out.

urban daddy people who work there – Umm, me.  Just me.

will rob ford toronto mayor cut summer – I guarantee, Rob Ford will NOT cut summer.

10 reasons to vte for rob ford – I’ll give you one reason… A vte for Ford will give you your “o” back.

why should i vote for george smitherman – You too were disappointed because the only reason I would have posted on this blog was the prevailing reason those on the left used, that Rob is fat…  So if you knew that already, you wasted your time here, but thanks for the hit. 

robert ford campaign promises ttc – News flash… We already have the TTC in Toronto.  Plus all candidates wanted to improve the better way.  In order to optimize your search you probably should have typed, “Rob Ford campaign promises for the TTC”.  That way you could hit all the left-wing media and bloggers who would tell you that he wants to rip it up. 

why dont my boys want to play sports – Maybe because you google it looking for an answer instead of asking them… Do you even have kids?!?

adam vaughan fraternity – That would be Alpha, Beta, Nerd.  And yes, Vaughan wants to remove the frat houses on U of T grounds.  But you lefties voted for him instead of Mike Yen… I don’t want to say I told you so.

george smitherman ehealth – Scandalous.  $1 billion dollars of taxpayers money wasted under his watch, you stupid Torontonians voted for him anyways.  What that tells me is that those who live in the downtown core are either too far left of centre to have any hope, or they voted with their eyes and not brains.  Then again, maybe they’re just that rich and wealthy that they don’t care about paying REALLY high taxes for REALLY shitty services…

chicory instant coffee 70s – I did write a post on Encore instant coffee earlier, but someone is having a flashback on the 70’s.  Dude!

dusn father mine by j.r. ward com on aud – The person who typed this was not speaking English at the time…

All in all, thank you for your visits.

Feel free to leave comments.



2 thoughts on “How You Came to me, Part II

  1. Urban Daddy November 2, 2010 / 11:29 am

    That makes sense. So maybe they wanted to know if that book comes in an audiobook format…

    Still… What about some of the other ones?!? ill Mayor Rob Ford cut summer? lol.


  2. Rachel October 30, 2010 / 10:10 pm

    re: your last hit. It isn’t clear Engish, to be sure, but J. R. Ward is a great author and her last release was titled Lover Mine. Maybe they just can’t type well??


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