Attention Bloggers… Make you Famous!!! Come do my Questionnaire.

In effort to get to know you all better and hopefully draw out some lurkers, I have a special Thursday Thirteen meant for you.

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is 13 question I really want to know about you!

13. When did you start blogging?

12. What did / do you hope to achieve from it?

11. Was is your favourite post about?

10. What was your first post about?

9. What is your last post about?

8. What is your URL?

7. What was the worst comment you have ever received?

6. If you could change anything about your blog, what would it be?

5. Do your family / friends know you are a famous blogger?

4. Do they read your posts?

3. Have you ever used your blog alias for personal gain?

2. When someone comments on your blog, what do you then do with their comment? Email them? Reply? Visit their blog? All of the above?

1. Have you ever guest blogged? Would you like to?


3 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers… Make you Famous!!! Come do my Questionnaire.

  1. Urban Daddy November 2, 2010 / 11:42 am

    Mamasnotes – Very interesting. I like that you blog to vent! ME too.

    Eric – Global domination… Awesome! I thought about it, but with less than 20 hits / day and over 500 posts, there comes a time to give up that dream… Now with Twitter and Facebook, I beg for readers and have more than tripled it per day. I guess we’re waiting to be “discovered”. LOL.

    Good tip on subscribing!

    Thank you both for the posts and for the many who emailed me their responses on the promise I won’t post them… yet. 🙂


  2. Eric October 30, 2010 / 1:19 am

    13. I started blogging years ago with Random Rants on MySpace. When I got my blogger account it was when I narrowed it down to mainly stories about being a dad.

    12. I didn’t expect much, but global domination is well within reach

    11. Post about my Daughter’s tonsils being removed

    10. Rhetorical Questions I ask as a dad.

    9. Being forced to eat cereal and water


    7. Not so much a particular comment, but on delurker day, I only had four comments.

    6. I’m not sure what i would change right now.

    5. Yes. My wife, mother and mother-in-law are my biggest fans.

    4. Yes and they ask when I go on hiatus.

    3. Not yet. But soon.

    2. I try to reply to as many as I can. But I also try to subscribe to their blogs if they have them.

    1. I guest blogged on Clark Kent’s Lunch box this summer, and global domination doesn’t come without monopolizing other blogs, so yes.


  3. mamasnotes October 29, 2010 / 10:21 am

    Ok Urban Daddy, throwing you a bone…expect repayment!

    13) for my family I started blogging 3 years ago, for myself in June of this year.

    12) I just like to write. I needed to vent frustrations. I hope to use it as a memory piece when the kids are all grown.

    11) Going to have to say The Halloween Play, that was a special morning at our house

    10)My very first ever blog post was a daily run down of the kids activities

    9)The Halloween Play mentioned above, working on one I hope to finish today about weaning my 21 mth old.


    7) I have never received a negative comment, don’t have enough readers for that! I have deleted only one comment because the person used my real name in the comment.

    6) I would lay it out properly, add a blogroll, add pictures to every post, but I am not a serious blogger, I don’t have the time and I lack the technical knowledge.

    5)I have 2 blogs, a family blog and my mamasnotes blog. My family does not know about the mamasnotes blog and the people who read mamasnotes don’t have access to my family blog, which is blocked and password protected. I do that because on the family blog I regularily post pics of the kids.

    4)The family blog is checked daily and I am harassed when new posts aren’t done. Mamasnotes is hit and miss.

    3) no

    2) I reply in the comments

    1) Nope, not a talented enough writer.


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