Three Strikes and You’re Out! Why Torontonians Should NOT Vote for George Smitherman.

So you live in Toronto, or surrounding area, and all you know how to do is to vote for the Liberals, I get that. I really do. But I think this time around, you are going to have to take a really hard look at who you are voting for if you cast your ballot for George Smitherman on October 25th.

Let’s put aside some of his past transgressions and look at the newest matter which came to light.

Let’s cast aside the campaign asking you to vote for George because Rob Ford is fat. Forget that Ford had a run in with the law and was intoxicated at a hockey game. I know many of you who still follow sports stars like Tiger Woods, or Kobe Bryant, and even celebrities who have done much worse. Plus seriously… How do these personal matters impact Ford’s ability to run a city budget?

They don’t… Unless you are a frequent drinker of the Liberal cool-aid, then it matters who the rest of the world is going to view Ford. Personally, I care more about the condition of our roads and what programs I can take my kids to, than what the Mayor of Calgary (for example) thinks of Ford.

Still with me?


Let’s make strike 1 for the George the eHealth scandal. He refuses to talk about it because, why? It makes him look bad as a leader. Heck, if I was him, I wouldn’t talk about it either. But it happened under his watch. Sure maybe not the whole billion dollars, maybe it was only $750 million dollars, but wouldn’t you like to be able to squander those kinds of funds without having to be accountable for it?

Strike 2. Well strike 2 came a couple days ago when the Auditor General Report came out showing that the Ontario Health Ministry granted “millions [of dollars] in sole-source contracts while Smitherman was in charge of the file. This health ministry approved at leat $9.5 million dollars of untendered consulting contracts between 2004 and 2009 – Smitherman was the health minister from late 2003 until June 30th, 2008.

But Toronto is Liberal-town, so Smitherman’s response…He said eHealth was not created while he was minister. Not his fault. And for the huge consulting contracts given to those on his inner circle? The ones given without taking bids from other companies? They were all legit. And he expects you to believe him. Rob Ford is fat, remember…

Maybe I’m so pissed off that people are going to vote for Smitherman, not because he has wasted billions of dollars of your tax money and my tax money, but because I never became a Liberal insider and set up my own “consulting” company.
If I did, I’d be rich!

Read more:

But heck, the last strike against Smitherman came via the Toronto Star of all places – the Liberal media centre who has endorsed Smitherman on numerous occasions. The Star, you see, does not like the secrecy that Smitherman has surrounding his campaign donation list.

Both Rob Ford and Joe Pantalone have released their campaign donor lists, but George Smitherman is refusing to divulge his until after the election.

Ford’s campaign figures show that he was able to raise about $700,000, Pantalone about $850,000. Both are well under the $1.3 million limit. Smitherman’s campaign, however, says it won’t release his list early, as has been the tradition in the past two elections, but will do so “in compliance with the law” after Monday’s vote. That leads me, and the Star to wonder, what is George hiding?

Robert MacDermid, my former professor at York University, who taught me law and electoral reform, also doubles as an expert on election and party financing, said in the Star and on AM640 this morning that citizens deserve to know who is giving to which campaigns and Smitherman’s decision to hold off on releasing his donor list does a disservice to voters.

“It’s a shame that he’s done that. It’s a statement about how he views strengthening municipal campaign financing, which needs to be strengthened,” MacDermid said. “It makes you wonder where he stands on this issue — and what he’s got to hide.”

While it’s unclear why Smitherman is keeping his list secret for now, MacDermid suggested that poor record-keeping is not likely to blame.
“It wouldn’t be sensible to say that it was some sort of shortcoming in their record-keeping. Campaigns keep pretty diligent records of who gives money,” MacDermid said.

Is this not the same George Smitherman who on his website, right here in fact; asks you to vote for him because there is a “lack of transparacy at City Hall”.

Follow the link to his website. “Mayoral candidate George Smitherman wants to take action on transparency and local democracy.” He uses words like; open government” and “open standards”. He wants “open data access” and to “open up the whole process”.
He just doesn’t want to open it up for you to see. Until he is elected, of course.

George, that is strike 3, and you are out!

Now, who is Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty going to blame during the provincial election next year when Conservative leader Tim Hudek comes calling about the waste, and additional taxes that have been allowed under the Provincial Liberal Party??  That is why Hudek will be the next Premier of Ontario.  The “gravey train” stops here, Ontario!!!

He’s going to blame you, George. Especially when our energy bills come out in the winter and we see that massive increase. That was under your care as Energy Minister, right George? Tax and Spend!

Then all the Liberal-lovers in Toronto can take a huge sigh of relief that they voted for Rob Ford.


5 thoughts on “Three Strikes and You’re Out! Why Torontonians Should NOT Vote for George Smitherman.

  1. beth November 7, 2010 / 4:17 am

    Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.


  2. Urban Daddy October 25, 2010 / 6:17 pm

    David – I respect your decision and hope we can re-visit your decision in a couple years should Smitherman win.

    Stewart – When not just call yourself Stewart Smitherman. You called my opinion wrong. It’s my opinion, I am entitled to it, just as you are when you say that I “manufactured” my information.

    Why should George release his donor list??? Because the other 2 candidates did. That’s why. For him not to makes it look like he hiding something. I don’t trust him.


  3. Stewart McKnight October 25, 2010 / 2:47 pm

    Unfortunately you are just incorrect on much of this post.

    One – George was indeed not Health minister when eHealth existed. Yes, the idea of electronic health records was running, but he was not a part of that organization. Also, the auditor’s report was on a 10 year span with 4 ministers and two governments. Not nearly all George.

    Two – The donor’s list? There is simply no point in releasing this yet. It is an incomplete list. You honestly don’t think that Ford and Pants haven;t asked any controversial donors to wait on donating until after the election? So they could release their lists and they would look clean? George simply has an incomplete list, which will be released publicly when it is complete and within all legal guidelines. There is no controversy. This is all manufactured discontent meant to make George look bad when he has done absolutely nothing wrong.


  4. David A. October 25, 2010 / 2:41 pm

    I’m actually conservative, living in Toronto, and I’m voting for Smitherman. I’m able to reconcile that decision by being realistic about e-Health. e-Health had two parts to it. The first was all the ridiculous expenses on limos and chocolate bars, but Smitherman had no role in this. He was minister for the first Liberal mandate and was shuffled 3 months before the Liberals launched e-Health. He simply wasn’t the top dog at the time those large contracts were awarded to the high-priced consultants.

    The $1billion figure comes from the Auditor General’s report which said the amount goes back to 2002 when the government started to create electronic records. Smitherman was Minister for half of that time, so he is responsible, but not for the whole $1billion, and not for the ridiculous consultant expenses.


  5. Rachel October 24, 2010 / 8:43 pm

    I did hear George on TV saying about the e-Health thing that it gave him “experience” He’s ready to be mayor because he has experience in blowing taxpayers money. Because he can always raise the tax rates to get more!


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