Glee Gone Wild

I had to come clean here.

I like the TV show “Glee”.

I actually like it a lot. I loved the episode on funk music and yes, I do find some of it rather quirky, like the kid in the wheelchair being allowed to play football, but all in all the show is pretty great.

Then I heard that some of the characters did a photo shoot in GQ (see link below)

… and I heard there was some sort of uproar because they play high-school characters on this show, yet in real life the girls are 24 years old and the boy is 28!

Some group referred to as the PTC – something about parenting, TV and council – called this photo shoot “paedofilia”. Seriously???

In the age of Miley Cyrus – all of 17 years old – whoring it up in videos and with other “starlets” like Britany Spears, and Lindsay Lohan stepping out sans panties with very public drug, baby and mental instability issues, why take a run at Glee?

Maybe they’re pissed off that they didn’t know these “kids” were so old? I didn’t know until I saw this article. Busted, eh?

Do these actors not deserve an opportunity to get publicity for their show and for themsleves? They won’t be able to do Glee forever unless they become the teachers. LOL. It’s not like they’re being caught by the paparazzi drunk or stoned, or without underwear. They posed for a shooot, meant to be provocative in order to get publicity, and thanks to groups like the PTC, they are getting more than enough – geez, even I’m commenting on it.

I think the cast of Glee needs to include the PTC on their X-mas card list this year for keeping them in the news.

Hey, maybe the PTC really does love the show too!

But what do you think? Do you watch this show? Have you seen the photoshoot? Are you offended?


One thought on “Glee Gone Wild

  1. mamasnotes October 22, 2010 / 10:49 pm

    Watched Glee once loved it, tuned in for a second episode and just couldn’t handle the cheesy over acting. I don’t even think I watched all of the second episode.

    Racey photo, I guess a bit have seen way worse by way younger actors/musicians etc. Don’t understand the big deal, but agree all this council is doing is drawing attention to the show/article. I would not have known about it any other way.


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