A Week of Firsts for me!

This past week sure was an interesting one.  Aside from being the second week of being sick, this one had quite a few firsts.

Here are my firsts;

First time drinking a vodka and tonic, with a twist of lime.  YUM!

First time drinking Kvas – a Russian soft drink made from fermented mushrooms.  There are actually mushrooms floating in the 2L bottle.  The drink itself takes like flat sweet coca cola, but the smell of the foam is enough to make you vomit.


First time on the radio!  I have never felt the need to call in to talk radio and I listen every day to AM640, sports radio the FAN590 and to music on my XM radio, but this past Wednesday I was listening to sports talk radio and the announcer – Jeff Blair – a baseball guy, and possibly a lawyer was commenting on the fact that the NJ Devils hockey team was over the salary cap and only could ice 15 skaters for their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins instead of the regular 18 skaters.  Blair was really pissed off with the Devils and thought they were flaunting the rules of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that the league has with the players. 

Personally, I think in hockey there is one line – or three skaters – too many as the 4th line on pretty much every team is a line with little talent who just skate around, eat up minutes and crashing into guys and fighting.  I think it was great they had 3 lines.

So I called.

And while my phone was beeping as the battery was really low, he took my call, listened to me, asked me a question and as I was responding, hung up on me so I could listen to him talk.  He disagreed.

I was nice.

The next 3 callers – much in line with my thought process were not as nice.

It was a good way to send his segment.  🙂

Other firsts;

My daughter, Berry, learned this week to sleep through the night and to toss up both her arms and say “hurray”.  She also learned to point to her big tummy when prompted.

My oldest boy, Linus, got dressed up in a shirt and tie when we went to his girlfriend’s house for dinner Saturday night.  He’s 5.  She’s 6.  He was so cute!  Then after a while he took of his nice clothes to expose his t-shirt underneath which said something along the lines of; “Here comes trouble”.

I also discovered Nine Inch Nails this week – the band, not the hardware.  I mean, everybody knows their song “Closer”, but that’s not exactly a song you sing the lyrics too around your kids.  Then this week I heard a song of their called “Only” and I was hooked.  The music is great, the lyrics not too bad and I understand this is a song about drug addiction.

“There is no you, there is only me”,

“There is no you, there is only me”.

“There is no f%cking you, there is only me.”

I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season this Friday.  I bought a colleague from Montreal one as I felt I owed it to him.  I’ve been trying to get him a bottle of the syrup for over a year, but apparently Starbucks does not sell it, and the few people I know who work there cannot pinch me a bottle (or most of the contents of one).

This week also signified the first time my oldest boy showed an interst in climbing trees as we went apple picking on Monday and my little tree-money climbed up to the top of many apple trees to pick the best apples for us.

This week also signified the first time I’ve seen Linus eager to play soccer.  Each night he has practically begged me to play soccer with him in the basement.  About time!

This week also signified the fist time Linus and I sat down and watched a period of hockey – the Toronto Maple Leafs and I even got him to admit his favourite player is #81 Phil Kessel.  although tonight it was Sidney Crosby.

Busy week of firsts for me!  This sure was.  What about you?


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