A Love Story… Stewie and the Food Truck

Love is in the air!

It’s my son Stewie who turns 4-years-old TODAY!!!


He is in love.  It’s the cutest thing.

He is in love with the “food truck”.

For those of you who may not know, Stewie is 1 inch and 1 pound smaller than his big brother Linus. Stewie is 22 months younger than his big brother and Stewie LOVES to eat. It’s not unusual for him to eat 5 meals a day, or to out-eat me, at a buffet or when we eat chicken wings… This kid has a hollow leg and if you look at him, he is not at all fat…

Anyways, knowing this, I thought he would REALLY appreciate to know what the inside of the truck that comes next door 2 times a day, looks like.  The truck with the really funny horn that makes him run to the window.  When I used to work up in the boonies, I called the truck a “death wagon” because the food on the truck was all full of salt and fat.  Eating it for a prolonged period would literally kill you.  Nowadays, the food on these trucks are really healthy. I saw turkey on whole wheat, the other day.  Food on this truck is low-fat, half-salt, all natural and I actually saw veggies.

So one day as the truck pulled up, I walked Stewie across the street and you should have seen the look on his face when this truck opened it’s side and it was full of food.  He gasped.  His eyes got REALLY wide, and I think his heart missed a beat.

“I love this truck”, he said with a gasp.

The driver, with a big smile on his face showed Stewie all the compartments in his truck and then gave him a – yup – cinnamon bun and bottle of juice.  Needless to say, the nanny and I split the bun and he drank half the juice. 

But now every day when the truck comes, he asks to run over and look inside and when he sees the food, he smiles and the driver gives him food… Nice gig, eh?  Last time it was chips and juice.

I made the mistake of eating his chips late one night and damned if he didn’t notice it.  He was pissed.  Instant tears.  Actually whenever he remembered or was reminded he eyes would well up with tears and he would develop a scowl on his face which he would direct towards me.  I’d get something like, “Why did you eat my chips, daddy?”

So I was forced on night after soccer to buy him a little bad and while he munched away happily, I could tell that he was on the road to forgiving me.  Then his brother told him that I drank the rest of his juice (when he really did) and boy did that set off Stewie!  He ran to “tell mummy on me”.

So now when Stewie hears a truck with a funny horn his heart skips a beat and I’m sure he thinks there is a food truck outside waiting for him.  I will always remember the look of excitement and pure ecstasy on his face when the driver opened up the side of the truck revealing it to be full of food.

He loved it.

Below is a link to some other food truck Stewie would love to see / eat from, I’m sure…



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