September 29th – National Coffee Day

Apparently today, September 29th, is National Coffee Day.  I know it is in the US, but in all the coffee I drank today in meetings I did not hear anything about it being National Coffee Day in Canada.  I mean, if it was, Tim Horton’s would advertise it, right?!?  It would also probably be a National holiday…

So to my US friends, I wish you a good cuppa java.

Happy National Coffee Day!

And from a new blog that I found, Coffee House Observer, I bring some coffee facts.

  • Coffee was first rumoured to have been found by farmers in Ethiopia who noticed that their goats would get all jumpy after eating cocoa beans, so they decided to try it for themselves.
  • Coffee was a food before it was a drink. 
  • Coffee grows on trees.
  • The expression “cup of Joe” was first coined in World War II. Soldiers, known as “Joe’s,” were apparently big coffee drinkers.
  • Only two types of coffee tree are widely cultivated. 70% of the world drinks coffee from Arabica coffee trees. The rest drink coffee from Robusta trees.
  • Oil is the only product that gets traded more than coffee. Cool, eh?
  • A coffee tree takes about 5 years to mature. The average annual yield from a coffee tree is only enough for one roasted pound of coffee.  Hmmm, I’m going to have to plant something else in Farmville…
  • My favourite kind of coffee when I do go Starbucks, the Americano is another coffee term coined during World War II.  American soldiers would order espresso with water to cut down on the bitter flavor.
  • Brewed coffee has been drunken for 700 years.  Instant coffee, was invented in 1906 in Belgium.
  • On average, 1400 million cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world.  I accounted for 3 today.

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