How you came to me…

Sadly this list is nowhere near as exciting as the one Sci-Fi Dad put out that makes me laugh out loud, but I feel that I finally have enough to make a post.

Below, please find search terms used to get to this blog in the past 30 days (please note, no Captain Lou Albano queries… YAY!)

The list, in order of most queries first:

urban daddy – good start
urbandaddy – probably looking for and came her by accident.  Someone who came to me via that route, must be the person responsible for the, “this is the biggest pile of bullsh*t I have ever read” comment. – why search this? why not just type that into the URL?!?
club rockit – would bring readers here as that is the name of my friend’s club of which a movie was just made and he’s getting nothing for this infringement..
1717 avenue road – I wrote a passionate post about my part in the negotiations with the City, developer and some nit wits from the neighbourhood.
urbandaddy relocation expenses – Sorry.  I don’t pay them, but I would love to be paid them.  🙂
java joe’s west beaver creek – Go there and tell the owner Randy that I sent you to drink his flavoured coffee’s…
whats further than infidity – I hope this query was from a 4 year old, I really do… Infidity?
i have orange pants i wear them when i dance – hoping this person is looking for the barenaked ladies song and not really commenting on what he/she does in their orange pants…
whats further than infinity – ahh, learned to spell…
who started urbandaddy – me!  Who else?
urban daddy web traffic – I have no idea but I can tell you I have one more hit because of this query… Thanks!
adam vaughan mike yen – I’ll take Mike Yen, thank you.
“omb folly” – There was only one?!? I would have liked to have seen “OMG” folly…
“joe oliver” + “rob ford” – Depends on who takes the last name… Joe Ford, or Rob Oliver.
my soccer team won’t pass to me – I’m sorry.  Try being open…
supernova elliott hurst – Is not here right now, but I can take a message and give it to him at karate on the weekend…
urbandaddy models – I do? I mean, I could, if you can’t find anyone else…
i’ve got orange pants. i wear them when – I know, when you dance… You’ve tried this before…
yurban daddy – ythats ystill yme, y’all.
forcing t-ball – is that like forcing sports on kids?  Why does that direct traffic to me?  My kids want to play in theory… 
xm radio success – you’re welcome!
when kids hate karate and you force them – I don’t force them, I force my own.


2 thoughts on “How you came to me…

  1. Ina October 1, 2010 / 11:08 pm

    I came to urban daddy through prominent tickers on porn sites. You didn’t mention those. I smell cover up.


    • urbandaddy October 2, 2010 / 12:36 am

      Ina – Trust me… It’s not “cover-up” you smell…


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