Urban Daddy Recommends – Samual Kleinberg Jewellers

I cannot say enough about the way I’ve been treated at Samual Kleinberg Jewellers. I’ve been going there for about 10 years now and have bought a wide variety of jewellery for urban mummy ranging from earrings to necklaces, bracelets, rings and we have had some beautiful eternity rings made to coincide with the birth of each of our three children.

The service is excellent and the selection is wonderful. A friend of our suggested we go into Mark Lash jewellers in Richmond Hill, to look for a specific style of ring so we could have Melissa design something different but all they had in this massive store was plain white stones and the same boring silver and gold bands that my mother or grandmother would wear. We prefer SK Jewellers because they have colour!  Coloured stones and coloured gold.  Stuff my wife would wear!

Below is their contact information. If you decide to go in, let Melissa know the Urban Daddy sent you, and you can follow her / them on twitter or through facebook.


You can shop online – although you will want to try on the item first, no doubt and this website has a plethora on information including a section to educate the buyer (say men looking for an engagement ring for his girl-friend) and I even learned today that they buy your gold!

So have a look, go in, look around, give them a call and you won’t be disappointed.

And look at the bright side… They are in the plaza at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Bathurst Street with a Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Shoe Company, Metro (with a Tim Horton’s in it), Second Cup, Mark’s Work Warehouse and so much more, so take some time to look in the store and send the kids to the other stores to look around / shop.

P.S. Melissa, put some coloured stones in the sample section on the website! Like those beautiful eternity bands you designed for us, or the purple earrings…

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