Thursday Thirteen – Guest Edition

This weeks Thursday Thirteen comes to us from a New York Yankee fan whose love of hard rock and children’s songs I can understand (the Yankee fan, I can not).

Orlando Rivera (no relation to Geraldo)

So here are his top thirteen hard rock cover songs.

I have heard and love a couple of them, like Turn the Page, Cars, Sweet Dreams and I’m Your Boogie Man. They are great, and I cannot wait to check out the others.

Thanks Orlando… Go Jays Go.

(Ahem… A-Fraud. A-Roid)

In no particular order:

13. Am I Evil (Diamond Head) by Metallica
12. Cars (Gary Numan) by Fear Factory
11. Turn the Page (Bob Seger) by Metallica
10. Fade to Black (Metallica) by Disturbed
9. One (Metallica) by Korn
8. Shout at the Devil (Motley Crüe) by Stuck Mojo
7. Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent) by Pantera
6. No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) by Tool
5. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath) by Machine Head
4. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) by Marilyn Manson
3. Hall of the Mountain King (Edvard Grieg) by Apocalyptica
2. The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel) by Nevermore
1. I’m your Boogie Man (KC and the Sunshine Band) by White Zombie


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