Toronto Municipal Elections – A Different Approach

I recently read an article on Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina candidate Mike Yen – as he has been reaching out to the single people in his ward – hoping to garner enough support to help him oust notable left-wing incumbent Adam Vaughan (does he even live in this riding?) and I thought that Yen’s approach was not only very sincere, but it was different and great.

Clearly Yen supports Rob Ford and since it appears that Ford is (thankfully) going to be our Mayor, the next step is to elect some Ford-friendly councillors so the left-wing ideology can be swept out of City Hall and stuff can get done!

Feel free to read the article below, and please forget that the Toronto Sun wrote it – according to Federal Liberal Leader (never to be PM) Michael Ignatief Sun readers cannot read…

Now that Yen has everyone attention, his follow up move should be a direct attack on Vaughan’s policies and point out how he (Vaughan) has been trying to close down the club district, or the fraternity’s in the University of Toronto.


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