And Crashing Down Came Stewie…

Consider this post to be an urban daddy safety tip for you or your children. you can thank me later.

If you have two chairs sitting in your basement, one upside down resting on top of the other one (sitting right side up)…

… and these chairs are close to a hard object, say a train table that looks something like this…

… then do not sit on the top chair / let your kids sit on the top chair in case the bottom chair slides out, causing the top chair to topple backwards and the person on the top to fall backward and crack open their head on the train table, kind of like what my son did last past weekend.


Our older son came running upstairs, with a concerned look on his face, and he said, “Stewie’s hurt bad”. Seconds later a crying Stewie came walking upstairs.

When I asked him what happened / what hurts, he said he fell off a chair…

It wasn’t until I asked Linus to show me an instant replay (what happened in super-slow-motion without hurting himself again) and it was then I thought to take my hand and touch the back of Stewie’s head looking for blood. When I took off my hand off his head, there was blood.


Calmly, my wife grabbed a cloth, wet it with cold water, to compress on his head and I talked to him about the accident to calm him before looking for the wound.

Expecting to see China – a hole right through to the other side of the world – I found an inch and a half gash in the back of his head that looked like it could use stitches, but was not pouring blood as many deep wounds do (and I have seen PLENTY in my 20 years of ball hockey).

We talked to him, stopped the bleeding but still wanted to have the cut looked at. We drove over to the local walk-in clinic, waiting for 10-15 minutes after-which he was seen, examined and his head wound glued together and my little trooper was ready to get home.

He had to sleep on a towel and couldn’t get his head wet for 2 days, but that didn’t stop him from attacking his brother and almost knocking him over in the drug store, or from playing karate, and soccer.

He’s such a good kid.

Clumsy, like his mummy, but tough like his daddy.

Let’s hope its a long time before I have to go through that again!  I think it was harder on me that it was on him!


3 thoughts on “And Crashing Down Came Stewie…

  1. Naomi September 20, 2010 / 1:05 pm

    Or, well, clumsy like his daddy, and tough like his mummy!

    He’s fine. Such a trooper. Frankly, I worry that if we ever have to take him to emergency, it will be because he put another kid (most likely his brother) there.


  2. mamasnotes September 20, 2010 / 10:30 am

    Ouch! With 2 boys I have been told we will be frequent visitors in emerg…so far we have been lucky, but I know our day is coming too.


  3. Eric September 20, 2010 / 8:33 am

    My 2 y/o son broke his arm on the trampoline back in February. The little guy was in so much pain, but he was a trooper too. Two days later he didn’t need his pain meds. And he was putting his older sister in submission moves with it.

    I honestly, don’t think that will be the last time anything like that happens in our house.

    Glad your son is doing better.


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