Hey Rocco Rossi… You stole my idea for Allen Road!

Well, well, well…

Toronto Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi has an idea… A GREAT idea, a BOLD idea, which he expects the City of Toronto to embrace and vault him to be the next mayor of this city.

Well, Mr. Rossi, I think the “boldest move of the mayor campaign” was actually my idea and I have plenty of passengers, friends and family that I have shared my idea with since I started driving south on Allen Road for the past 2-3 months.

Allen Road, you see, has always had a soft spot in my heart.  When my father was a child his family live on Everden which is the first street directly south of Eglinton – where Allen Road abruptly ends – and the government at that time expropriated the land for the “Spadina Expressway”, or continuation of Allen Road all the way down to Lake Ontario.

My Dad had always claimed that the decision to remove his family, especially his ill mother contributed to her death as she “loved” that house.  True or not (my dad was a die-hard Conservative), I had always wondered why the 7th largest City in North America has only one major highway down to the waterfront, but it was not until moving into the area that I wondered what, if anything could be done to prevent traffic from backing up at Lawrence as cars have to go East or West at Eglinton.  Plus, with all the side streets set at do not enter, cars must clog up Bathurst Street and Oakwood Avenue.  Makes for a LONG trek downtown…

So one day about 2 months ago, with my 2 carpool passengers in my hybrid, sitting for 45 minutes to get to Eglinton, I was staring at the subway which shoots underground at Eglinton going southbound and really began to consider whether it was possible or not to make the tunnel wider and have a giant express tunnel downtown to waterfront, or with a couple stops on the way to alleviate traffic congestion.  I also wondered about running ramps up from Allen to some of the side streets like Ridelle to allow for cars to get off of Allen Road should they need to feed through the side streets to get home.

Then alas, today, comes the report of Mr. Rossi’s brainchild.  (See article here).


If he fires out the brilliant idea of installing ramps to the side streets next, you will know for sure that something is up.

Personally, I’d like to see something new – with little disruption to people or parks – to move traffic along, but this idea alone won’t put Rossi back in the race.  Not while Rob Ford is offering up cutbacks to the “spend now-tax later” NDP way of running this City.

Besides, Rocco, I have other great ideas too…  Give me a call, or drop me a comment.

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