Back To School 2010

Ahh, back to school already.  Below is a re-cap of how my 5 3/4 old son handled it, and how my (almost) 4 year old dealt with it.

First day of school 2010:

The night before… My older boy, Linus son cannot wait to go back to school. I’m not sure why. Most of the boys from his class last year are in the other class, he gets that, but he is still looking forward to returning.  He knows he will be expected to read and write – he hates both of those – but still… Excited.

I suspect it is because he is exhausted from the 6 weeks of camp, 2 weeks of tennis camp and one week of art camp… He plays soccer Tuesday night, karate on the weekend – hates both of those – so he is probably thinking that school will be relaxing…

His “little” brother Stewie, meanwhile, wanted to prepare himself for school and the night before, instead of getting a good nights’ sleep, he needed to know how to spell “Please”.  His answer to me when I asked him why he all of a sudden needed to spell this word was, “I think it’s time!”.  He has also decided it is time to learn how to read.  RIGHT NOW!

The day of: 

Walked Linus to school, up to his class, his girlfriend was sitting right beside him – he was very happy.

Walked Stewie to school, met his new teacher, saw the school, the park and a couple classmates.  Saw him off…  Went to work.

How did your first day go?


One thought on “Back To School 2010

  1. mamasnotes September 15, 2010 / 8:25 pm

    Didn’t put monkey on the bus, followed the bus to school and walked him through the procedure, told him I would be there to pick him up at the end of the day, kissed him, took his picture. I cried, he didn’t. Went to pick him up and he had told teacher he was riding the bus home, so had to race home to beat the bus to the bus stop!

    All in all great first day of school for him, he made a new friend who is on his bus and had a blast. Very hard emotional day for me.


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