What would blogging for guys look like?

After reading quite a few posts about BlogHer, I had a lengthy discussion with SciFi Dad over coffee about whether that event was intended for women only or if the event was open to men too.  It’s called BlogHER, for gosh sakes…

So I went to my friend, Google, and looked for a blogging event for men – expected to find BlogHIM, or something like that, when I found this event… http://blissdomcanada.com/   This event bills itself as being “by women for women”   That reminded me of the clothing line FUBU.

But seriously… If a guy showed up to Blissdom, would he be turned away?

And what would a blogging event just for guys look like?  Would it be full of nerds – like myself – talking about Star Wars and keystrokes, or would it be full of jocks – like myself too – talking about the closest strip club and posts about boobs.

I’m not really sure I want to go to either event, but I’d really like to see an event FEBE – that’s for everyone by everyone…


One thought on “What would blogging for guys look like?

  1. SciFi Dad September 5, 2010 / 7:22 am

    Is BlogHer for mommybloggers or women trying to earn a living as a review blogger? Exactly.

    A similar event for men would have similar diversity in attendees and discussions.


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