Thursday Thirteen

You may have noticed that I had gone AWOL for a week and a bit, and that was because my family and I took some vacation and I did not take my computer with me.

Sure the urban mummy had her iPad / iPod / laptop, but by the time it came to night time (and we’re talking 9pm) I just needed to take my turn on Jedi vs Sith, then watch some TV before bed. All that fresh air is tiring, you know.

So I thought there was no better way to summarize my vacation than to post the 13 best things I liked about our family vacation, in my Thursday Thirteen.

Buckle up…

Here we go!

13. It was a family vacation. We took our nanny too and headed up to my in-laws cottage for a week. Just us and the lake…

12. The kids got to swim in the lake, pluck out the algae and zebra mussels, and the water level was waist high (for them) about 150 feet from the dock.

11. Linus and his nanny toured the lake in a boat and had a great time rowing back and forth from side to side. Stewie wouldn’t go in the raft, he was afraid, but he had no issues pushing them around the lake for an hour.

10. The most intense sunsets ever! Pink, grey, blue… Beautiful! I should post my pictures…

9. Berry managed to entertain herself for hours a day on a soccer ball and a fisher price stacker that we bought for her in the thrift shop.

8. We laughed until it hurt, cleaning up parts of the cottage. There was some accidents – like unplugging the beer fridge – and there were some expired products which made us howl. KD’98.
As Linus put it, “Mazel Tov and Cinnamon Toast”.

7. The cottage next door has a huge sand box and a bunch of kid’s toys so my kids were able to head over any time they wanted to play.

6. Giant bag of M&M Peanuts… Nuff said. Plus loads of super-fresh produce to eat…

5. Being alone was odd. I forgot what it was like to be alone. When Berry woke up at 5am, I would head into the family room, sit on the couch and watch the sun rise. I was alone, but not able to rest as I was listening for crying or the stirring of one of the boys. Being on-guard like that is something I think every parent has to get used to… There really is very little “down” time when you are a parent.

4. The boys, the nanny and I, went on a really long walk (2 1/2 hours) through the neighbourhood – found some farms – an edamame farm, and a bean farm, as well as a bunch of apple trees. We ate well that day. On the way back we found a hidden covered trail which we took into someone’s backyard and then snuck back onto the street.

3. We saw a Blue Heron… Which is kind of funny because we saw one last year and it was all the kids could talk about for months… They told everyone, and I even remember Stewie standing on a chair at the Mandarin restaurant with his arms hed high over his head explaining to my mother how big this bird is. He was 2 1/2 at the time… Very cute.

So now we see another one and my almost 6-year-old looks at me and casually calls it a seagull… Both buys them walk away. LOL.

2. I buzzed my head! I finally did it… I was fed up with my balding head and need for a hair cut when I found my father-in-law (FIL)’s beard clippers in the bathroom door. 20 minutes later and I had a lot less hair and whole lot of scalp showing. I’m so happy and relieved at how clean it is. Granted, I did not take it all off, but it’s REALLY short. Cool.

1. The highlight of this trip for me was without doubt seeing the expression on the urbanmummy’s face as I finally convinced her to watch some “reality” TV.

There was a show called Property Virgins, I believe and this couple was in Toronto looking for something specific – older, established area, close to work, lots to walk to, and the agent took them to a new condo down on the lake front and they put in an offer on it.

Granted the show generalized the process but they got the condo despite the husband’s protests as to the location, traffic and that it was a condo, not a house.

When I looked at her, she was enthralled with this show – mainly because it was Toronto, however, but this was the first “reality” show I have ever seen her watch.

Once the show ended and before I could turn it off, on came another trainwreck, a show called, “I didn’t know I was pregnant”.

We watched that, laughing and trying to figure out if this show was 100% fact or 100% fiction. Urban mummy’s jaw was dropped open the whole time. She could not believe it. We then watched Hoarders but turned it off before trainwreck II, some show called something like, “I’m 16, pregnant and I didn’t know” came on.

The look of disbelief on her face added to our laughter the rest of the trip.

Ahh, reality TV…

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. mamasnotes September 3, 2010 / 7:32 am

    Sounds like a great vacation! We are off on “vacation” next week, but Monkey has school on Wed for 1 hr, so I think we will stay mostly around home.


  2. Rachel September 2, 2010 / 10:45 pm

    Just a couple of notes here.
    Re: #3 – I remember this incident too. He did it several times, only it was in our house not Mandarin………..
    and #2 – We want to see a pic of this new do! 😀


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