Some funny stuff in the urban daddy household this past weekend…

This was a fun – yet slightly strange weekend in the urban daddy household, this past weekend. Here are some of the highlights;

1) Not willing to sleep, my almost 9 month old daughter, Berry, has now mastered going from laying down to sitting up, and started crawling. Oddly, she has began crawling much in the same manner that her oldest brother Linus did – that being crawling and crying at the same time. She moves, but she hates it… That will change.

Believe that she crawled for the remote which would be a common theme among my children.

2) My kids lack of interest in sports is well documented in this blog, which is important as my boys start tennis camp on Monday, for the week.

3) Both boys excelled in their karate classes on Sunday morning… Yup, I bribed them with any treat they would like… They both chose chocolate, so each got a box of smarties… Only my oldest boy finished them. Then I put both kids to work emptying the house and checking all the nooks and crannies for stuff…

4) Our nanny’s sister left her job so we now have an extra mouth to feed – so to speak, or as my wife says, “Our daughter has two nannies”.

5) Actual conversation from Sunday; An out-of-service transit bus was leaving a side street so I drew that to my kids attention.

“Is that a main-street?” asked Stewie.
“Is that a highway?” asked Linus.

“No”, I replied, “That is a side street. We are on a main street, called Bathurst Street”

“Are we at Bathurst and Stewie?” asked Linus?

“Are we at bastard and Linus?” yelled Stewie…

Oh oh…

I changed the topic…

6) Went to this great organic grocery store in Toronto; They had some great produce and interesting, organic products. The store is quite a bit larger than I thought it would be, and the meat / fish / cheese area did not smell at all, whereas in most of the larger grocery chains those areas have quite the stench coming from them… I recommend this place!

7) “Gross Beef”. This is what my kids say when them come across something they don’t like… It just makes us laugh…

What keeps you busy on the weekends?


3 thoughts on “Some funny stuff in the urban daddy household this past weekend…

  1. creative type dad August 26, 2010 / 1:03 pm

    “Gross beef” – that’s funny. What’s even funnier is that my daughter says “too spicy!” just like mamanotes.


  2. mamasnotes August 25, 2010 / 7:54 am

    Whenever my daughter comes across anything she doesn’t like she says “Its spicy, so spicy”

    How did tennis camp go?


  3. Becky August 17, 2010 / 7:03 pm

    LOL “Gross Beef” made us laugh here. 🙂


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