Randomness: TTC Observation

My random thought for a Tuesday…

Last night on my way home from my son’s soccer game, I saw a TTC bus (public transit in Toronto) sitting at a bus stop letting off a passenger. About a block away a medium sized woman and a VERY large (but young) man broke out into a sprint to get on the bus.

These two were determined to get on to that bus…

They got to the end of the bus – needing only to reach the front doors to get on, when…

… The driver closed the doors of the bus, drove through the yellow light, and went on to the next stop.

Either incentive for the couple to get a little more exercise, or yet another example of what is wrong with the TTC in Toronto…

I really just thought that the driver was being a jerk a he left that stop a few seconds later.

But hold on…

I reached out to a friend of mine who works at the TTC and he told me that under no circumstances would a drive pull away from a stop if there was a person running for the bus – regardless of their proximity (or size). He said more than likely, the driver was checking the time to ensure he was on schedule and just pulled away from the stop without looking – as the bus was waiting for a couple minutes before it left.

I guess in this case, being on time – and therefore providing good customer service to all the passengers accidently resulted in bad customer service for that couple…

They just can’t win!

I should re-title this post, “Why working for the TTC will never be an easy job”.

Ride the Rocket!

The better way!!!


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