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Thursday Thirteen

Today’s Thursday Thirteen will be about 13 completely random thoughts that popped into my head while writing this post…

… Please don’t use it against me. 😉

13. Good on Shaquile O’Neal for signing with the Boston Celtics. Now the Miami Heat and LA Lakers have some competition. Interesting that Shaq has played with Kobe in LA, Wade in Miami and LBJ in Cleveland… I think I might actually respect Shaq for doing this… Maybe

12. If you eat a lot of beets your pee and poo turn red… I’m just saying… It’s a real shocker if you had forgotten that and, say, eaten a lot of beets the night before… I’m just saying

11. Right now Rob Ford gets my nod for Mayor in Toronto. He is a fiscal Conservative and the higher my property tax climbs, the more I question how Torontonions can elect NDP’ers in government? See Adam Vaughn. No businesses left. Vote Mike Yen 2010. As for co-front runner, George Smitherman… See eHealth scandal. Under his watch a billion dollars was wasted. We DON’T need that in Toronto!!!

10. I blinked and Old Spice became cool again. Or I’m just getting older. My dad used Old Spice…

9. Iran denies that there was an attempt made on the life of their wacko leader, AhMADinejad. Even if it were a firecracker, any man who threatens to nuke another country (Israel) and denies there is a “homosexual problem” in Iran because there, “are no homosexuals” can only bring a country back into the dark ages.

8. Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf wants to put a mosque right near the fallen twin towers in New York City… Why exactly? I have nothing against places of worship being built anywhere, but it’s still too soon. Either he wants to rub it in the face of the citizens of New York, or he’s just clueless. If you want to improve relations between Americans and the followers of Islam, try ads in the newspaper first…

7. Today is National Underwear Day… Yup. Seriously.

6. August 3rd was, besides my mothers 65th birthday (Hi Mom) National Watermelon Day. Have you hugged a watermelon lately? OR your Mom? Call her… She cares!

5. Buyers leaving Toronto housing market. Sales are down 34% from last year with the price of houses falling… No shit!!

4. I used to listen to the FAN590 every morning until one morning I found Don Landry and Gord Stellick boring. I switched to AM640. Then I heard Lou Schizas (Happy Capitalism) and John Oakley in the morning and I’m hooked. Then the FAN fired everyone and now they are even worse. Yay AM640!!!

3. Model Giselle Bundchen has been breast-feeding her child and has obviously discovered why women have boobs. She commented that there should be a law forcing women to breast-feed for at least 6 months, but then underfire from, I don’t know – baby formula makers possibly, she backed off on her comments. I think she’s bang on. All she needed to say was that, if you are able to breast-feed, you should be allowed to. I also feel more assistance should be given to new moms RIGHT AWAY to ensure they get the baby to latch and they continue to feed. It’s a tough, and not at all convenient, task of being baby’s only source of food, but outside of our fast paced societies that’s how babies eat… I’m just saying.

2. How can you tell that we are still in a recession? Look around. You might notice an influx of “Cash for Gold” type stores. Not only are these stores popping up like weeds, but in the news yesterday was a story about one gold-buying store hiring a hitman to kill the owner of another gold-buying store… On Bathurst Street in Toronto… While that won’t mean anything to those of you not in Toronto, but this area of the city is home to a LOT of very Orthodox Jewish families, not exactly the slums of the City. I’m still shaking my head.

1. I just had a conversation with someone who was on vacation for 5 weeks. I asked her where she went and she replied that she was in the country, “Jordan”. I said that I did not realize how close Jordan was to Israel – being right on the other side of the Dead Sea (my son coloured a map of the region at camp). She replied, “Yes, it is very close to Palestine”.
I looked at her, paused, and said, “I’m sorry, I must have missed that… When did they legally change the name from Israel to Palestine??? Last time I looked at a map, which was, oh yesterday, it said Israel”.
She did not reply.
I walked away.

Should I be annoyed???