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A Canadian Weblog Nomination!!!

I had this email sitting in my inbox this afternoon;

I just wanted to let you know that Urban Daddy has been nominated in the Family & Parenting, Lifetime Achievement, and Placeblog categories of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards!
This is a new, juried competition with public nominations. The shortlists of nominees will be announced on 1 December 2010, and the finalists will be announced on 1 January 2011. If you would like to show off your nomination, grab a button for your website and spread the word.

How exciting!!!

Lifetime achievement in blogging means the blog must be active and older than 2005.  I’ve been blogging since 2004, so that makes me feel old. 

The Family and Parenting group has a TON of way better blogs than mine.

The Placeblog category must relate to my numerous posts about Toronto and my involvement in making this city a better one through volunteer work and being involved municipally.

All in all, very honoured and a little humbled by the nominations…


Welcome to The Urban Daddy! This blog, established in 2004, has been written by a not-so-typical Daddy blogger from Toronto, Canada. In June of 2017, we welcomed a Mommy blogger to the fold. Our focus, as always, is on parenting and what it is like being a dad for the 1st,2nd & 3rd time, plus what it's like being the mom of twins! Sleep? Who needs sleep! You can follow us on Facebook at You can follow us on Twitter @ We are also on Tumbler, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Whew. You don't have to agree with everything we write, but please be kind when commenting. Thank you for coming by, and enjoy your stay!

3 thoughts on “A Canadian Weblog Nomination!!!

  1. I am Project Assistant for Women’s Empowerment Canada,an online magazine viewed by thousands,we have started a project honoring inspirational Canadian men and we would love to honor you and your Blog, Its Sensational! For More Info please Contact Our Founder/Ceo Tonya at We hope to hear from you! Thanks,April


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