I heard this catchy song on XM Radio 116 – the kids station.

I cannot get it out of my head, nor can my wife…

So now I’ve posting the video for all of you to listen to, then share with your kiddies / friends.

Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle.

What do you think?  We’ve been singing it all week…


Some funny stuff in the urban daddy household this past weekend…

This was a fun – yet slightly strange weekend in the urban daddy household, this past weekend. Here are some of the highlights;

1) Not willing to sleep, my almost 9 month old daughter, Berry, has now mastered going from laying down to sitting up, and started crawling. Oddly, she has began crawling much in the same manner that her oldest brother Linus did – that being crawling and crying at the same time. She moves, but she hates it… That will change.

Believe that she crawled for the remote which would be a common theme among my children.

2) My kids lack of interest in sports is well documented in this blog, which is important as my boys start tennis camp on Monday, for the week.

3) Both boys excelled in their karate classes on Sunday morning… Yup, I bribed them with any treat they would like… They both chose chocolate, so each got a box of smarties… Only my oldest boy finished them. Then I put both kids to work emptying the house and checking all the nooks and crannies for stuff…

4) Our nanny’s sister left her job so we now have an extra mouth to feed – so to speak, or as my wife says, “Our daughter has two nannies”.

5) Actual conversation from Sunday; An out-of-service transit bus was leaving a side street so I drew that to my kids attention.

“Is that a main-street?” asked Stewie.
“Is that a highway?” asked Linus.

“No”, I replied, “That is a side street. We are on a main street, called Bathurst Street”

“Are we at Bathurst and Stewie?” asked Linus?

“Are we at bastard and Linus?” yelled Stewie…

Oh oh…

I changed the topic…

6) Went to this great organic grocery store in Toronto; They had some great produce and interesting, organic products. The store is quite a bit larger than I thought it would be, and the meat / fish / cheese area did not smell at all, whereas in most of the larger grocery chains those areas have quite the stench coming from them… I recommend this place!

7) “Gross Beef”. This is what my kids say when them come across something they don’t like… It just makes us laugh…

What keeps you busy on the weekends?

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that made me smile today

13. My family. Seeing my wife and kids this morning (and nanny) with smiles on their faces makes my day start off right

12. Seeing someone has recommended me on LinkedIn… Cool.

11. Seeing that Rob Ford is leading in the race for Mayor of Toronto with 37.6% over George eHealth Smitherman.

10. Seeing articles about the G20 protests and how the police have identified and charged the ringleaders – having pictures of them in real life and in hooligan mode. Did they really think they deserve the right to destroy other people’s property? And the one going to University in Guelph… Really? Are we, the taxpayers, not subsidizing your education (through the government you hate?) Lady… You need help! Or a dose of reality…

9. Toasted Marshmallow coffee from Java Joes.

8. Silly Bands. If you have not seen them, then you must not have kids around the age of 5-7. They are “F”unny.

7. Ashley Kirilow – the girl who shaved her head and scammed a bunch of people out of money, claiming to have cancer – is still sitting in prison after her parent refused to come bail her out. While this part of the story is really sad, there are many people I know who starved for affection and attention from their parents but didn’t do anywhere near the amount of damage she has done to those with cancer…
Payback is a bitch!

6. I have had a record number of hits on my blog, and on facebook. Thank you all!

5. My “fat” pants are baggy

4. See how they spell “school” in North Carolina, where street crews just paved a strip of the road and spray painted “shcool” for all the people to see. LOL. Check out the picture via the URL;

3. My son holding a bunch of bananas because he was hungry and watching him carry them into a restaurant, where he wanted to eat his 3rd, because his food was not coming fast enough…
2. Boxing in a car on the 401 hignway with 3 other just-as-annoyed motorists as this car was going lane-to-lane-to-lane during rush hour hoping to, I don’t know, find a fast way home in bumper-to-bumper traffic?!?
We boxed him for a good 5-6 minutes and boy was he pissed. He he he.
1. That my house sold for more than we thought it would sell for, and closing much sooner than we thought!

Are Toronto’s Beaches Safe? Hell Yeah!

The Toronto Star ran a story that I found VERY interesting as a resident of this city who always thought that the beaches were not safe for swimming… Boy was I wrong.

Apparently, 7 of Toronto’s beaches are ranked among the safest in the world.

Read this article for the whole story.

I have taken out some key points below if you would rather skim through the article instead of reading the whole thing.–are-you-afraid-of-the-lake-chill-out

Toronto beaches just can’t seem to shake Lake Ontario’s dirty reputation even though seven of them — including Woodbine — are rated among the best in the world by the international Blue Flag Programme.

The blue flag is an eco-label awarded to beaches that meet strict environmental and safety standards.

“It’s not easy to get a blue flag,” says Toronto Water spokesperson Cheryl San Juan. “These are world-class beaches.”

“Any of our blue flag beaches would rival any beach on Georgian Bay,” she says.

Ontario has the strictest recreational water quality standards in North America.

If a beach measures above 100 parts E. coli in 100 ml of water it is classified not safe for swimming. The national standard is set at 200 and the U.S. standard is 235.

The hardest part of getting blue flag status is meeting water quality standards. That’s why Marie Curtis Park East Beach, Sunnyside and Rouge remain challenges. Still, Toronto beaches have come a long way in the past decade. In 2005 only four beaches had blue flags.

To score a blue flag a beach must be safe for swimming at least 80 per cent of the time. Most of Toronto’s blue flag beaches are safe more than 90 per cent of the time.

Generally, if a beach is posted as unsafe it’s because of a major storm. During heavy rain, sewers can overflow and infect the swimming area. But sewer maintenance and treatment of overflow has reduced the weather’s impact in recent years.

E. coli levels for each beach are posted online and by the shore every day. The reading is not 100 per cent reliable because it comes from water samples collected over the previous two days. But Michael D’Andrea, Toronto Water’s director of water management infrastructure, says they are currently working on a predictive model that would give a more accurate daily reading.


Ward’s Island Beach
Hanlan’s Point Beach
Kew Balmy Beach
Gibraltar Point Beach
Centre Island Beach
Cherry Beach
Woodbine Beaches

To score a blue flag, a beach must meet a long list of standards set out in four categories. Here is an overview:

First, it has to be green and clean — no unauthorized camping or driving, no dumping and strict control of doggie doo.

The beach should promote environmental education activities, display maps and develop a beach code of conduct.

The water quality must be supreme. No industrial waste, no sewage leaks and the beach must be tested regularly for E.coli and other bacteria levels.

Finally, safety matters. The beach must have lifeguards, first aid equipment and drinking water. And at least one Blue Flag beach in each municipality must be accessible to people with physical disabilities.

For the full list of standards:

Randomness: TTC Observation

My random thought for a Tuesday…

Last night on my way home from my son’s soccer game, I saw a TTC bus (public transit in Toronto) sitting at a bus stop letting off a passenger. About a block away a medium sized woman and a VERY large (but young) man broke out into a sprint to get on the bus.

These two were determined to get on to that bus…

They got to the end of the bus – needing only to reach the front doors to get on, when…

… The driver closed the doors of the bus, drove through the yellow light, and went on to the next stop.

Either incentive for the couple to get a little more exercise, or yet another example of what is wrong with the TTC in Toronto…

I really just thought that the driver was being a jerk a he left that stop a few seconds later.

But hold on…

I reached out to a friend of mine who works at the TTC and he told me that under no circumstances would a drive pull away from a stop if there was a person running for the bus – regardless of their proximity (or size). He said more than likely, the driver was checking the time to ensure he was on schedule and just pulled away from the stop without looking – as the bus was waiting for a couple minutes before it left.

I guess in this case, being on time – and therefore providing good customer service to all the passengers accidently resulted in bad customer service for that couple…

They just can’t win!

I should re-title this post, “Why working for the TTC will never be an easy job”.

Ride the Rocket!

The better way!!!