You are 8 months old today!

Happy 8 months to my little girl.

You are so different from your big brothers… You can sit on the bed, happily and play for around an hour. You love to happily warble away, while yanking at your feet, rolling front-to-back, then back-to-front, clapping your hands, or on your hands and knees rocking back and forth. You never stop… Like your big brother, Stewie.

Now you love to try and stand up (holding on to me very tightly, of course. You are so proud of yourself.  The world looks so different when you are standng, eh?

You toy with me when I feed you, pretending to sign the word, “more”, while saying it only to me, never to mummy.

You have that one little tooth on the bottom left of your mouth and have bitten me and mummy, although where you bite mummy hurts way more than me!

You love your brothers and your dolly (and bunny your brother bought you, and the ball we’ve passed from brother to brother to you, and your links…)

Your face lights up when you see your nanny, and her sister. You hated the cat, but are now becoming buds.

You are my princes. But not Ariel, or Cinderella… Princess Leia. You get to carry a blaster!

Happy 8th month birthday, sweetie. And thank you for finally showing signs of wanting to sleep through the night!


2 thoughts on “You are 8 months old today!

  1. mamasnotes July 28, 2010 / 7:36 am

    I told you you would notice a difference with a girl after two boys right away! She sounds like a sweetie and that 8 mths really flew by!


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