An urban daddy’s unhealthy product alert…

I wanted to re-post this article on a “nutritional” drink that I used to drink thinking it was good for me. I felt duped after reading this and will no longer be drinking these types of drinks.

One of my staff members was drinking this brand a few weeks ago and once I pointed out to him the wasted calories in this flavoured sagar-water, he too now refuses to buy more of it.

Please give this article a quick read and see how the marketers manipulated the ingredients to make it look healthy when in fact it is just flavoured sugar-water.

Will you buy this product again?

Apparently a lot of people won’t be buying it either and a lawsuit has been launched against Coca Cola, the manufacturer, by a non-profit organization which feels Coke made “unwarranted health claims” through this product.

Read attached;

I could not agree with the author more. When I saw the product was called “Vitamin Water” I assumed it was healthy, not akin to a soft drink with 33 grams of sugar per serving.

It is a marketing ploy gone wrong.

Personally, I would like back all the money I have ever spent on this product…


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