Urban Daddy Recommends – Java Joe’s Richmond Hill

This urban daddy recommends Java Joe’s for all your breakfast, lunch or coffee needs.

Specifically, I recommend the one up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, at Leslie and West Beaver Creek Road.

What I like about Java Joe’s;

1) You can pay by debit whereas at any of the 4 Tim Horton’s around this area you cannot.
2) Their sandwiches are real big and really tasty. My company has used them for catering on numerous occasions and the favourites are the chicken parmesan, veal parmesan, Montreal smoked meat, tuna, egg, turkey BLT wrap… I could go on. There is not one sandwich that is over $6.00.

3) They have salads, chili and soups for the healthier folks.

4) But what I really like is the coffee… Let’s talk about that coffee. They have the regulars; baja blue, bold (dark) and decaf but it is the flavours where this Java Joe’s stands out. Jamaica Me Crazy (chocolate, cinnamon and, Irish Cream), Banana Cream, Chocolate Buttercrisp, and coming soon – Jamaican Rum, Chocolate Raspberry, Creme Brule and a couple other new and exciting flavours.

The owner of this location was kind enough to ask me to select the flavours I would want to drink and he was going to use that to serve to his clientele. I enjoy a good flavoured coffee (and am not afraid to say that), and as such try to introduce this to other who may enjoy it too.

Cute, friendly staff, an owner that is on premises, and clean location with WiFi, a TV and a patio for the summer – fireplace for the winter.

If you search through my blog and find my coffee rankings, you’ll see that for 2010 Java Joe’s was my #2. If any of their new flavours taste as amazing as the banana cream, I predict they could wind up at #1 for 2011.

So go in, tell them urban daddy sent you. They’ll look completely lost and you won’t get any special deals, but I might. 🙂

Oh, and try the mango smoothie! It’s wonderful.


The first coffee I picked is in and is FANTASTIC!  On Friday I had a large cup of Toasted Marshmallow coffee.  It smelled and tasted devine.

Remember… It’s best to drink flavoured coffees with some cream and sugar… I’m just saying!


One thought on “Urban Daddy Recommends – Java Joe’s Richmond Hill

  1. SciFi Dad July 26, 2010 / 8:50 am

    Uhm Dude?!?

    You need to email me. Pronto.


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