Ahhhh, The weekend! A nice, warm, sunny weekened…
Well, today is audience participation day at this Urban Daddy’s blog.

I thought a good discussion topic for today’s post would revolve around me getting to know you a little better. Short of asking people to talk about themselves, I think I have a more creative way to get to know you better.

I have blogged about some current events (in my Urban Daddy bias, of course) and would love to hear your thoughts about these news items. This might help me better understand who is reading my posts. And don’t be shy! Someone just comment on an older post of mine that; “This blog contains the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever read!”.
I replied with the followng, “Thanks Mom!”

So don’t be shy.

The hot topics:

1) Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff makes a stop at a Tim Hortons just off the 401 in Napanee July 14, as he crosses the country on a summer long tour.
Urban Daddy says: Someone needs to contact Iggy and tell him to stay home! Seriously, man… Why bother?!? He’s just wasting gas and… What exactly is this guy going to say / do that is going to make anyone care about him… In the summer. Iggy, you missed your spots. Go run the University of Toronto!
Conclusion: Going to Tim’s was the best decision he has ever made as Opposition Leader.

2) Mel Gibson. Punches, threatens and is downright nasty to pretty much everyone in real life, but on-screen seems like a pretty even-keel guy, even likable…

Urban Daddy says: … Until now… What goes around comes around! Hollywood is going to make this racist pay! At first when he insulted the “Jews” he was drunk, now he has been recorded (on 5 different tapes) verbally abusing and threatening his wife. Hollywood will not forgive him this time.
Conclusion: No amount of celebrity re-hab is going to save this senile Aussie. Although I do hear that the KKK are hiring…

3) Lindsay Lohan is going to jail for violating her probation. In court she was caught by camera with the words “fuck u” painted on her finger nail. She has hired OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro.
Urban Daddy says: 90 days is not enough time for this malcontent. Set an example with her sentance… Please!
Conclusion: For someone who had not “allegedly” killed someone or done something horrible (unless slowly killing herself with alcohol, drugs and making bad movies) she really brought out the big guns in hiring Shapiro. What happens in a year or two when she’s busted again? Not more tricks up her sleeve… I want to see her in jail. 🙂

4) Tiger Woods is golfing at the British Open…

Urban Daddy says: Does anybody care anyone? I know the whole PGA surrounds every breath Tiger takes (but not every move he makes, LOL) but why? I really had no interest in golf when he was the next best thing, the role model, the prodigy. Now?!? I care even less. I’m happy now to see other guys winning because I care that little about Tiger. Although I did see that one of his mistresses, Rachel Uchitel is entering that reality show called Celebrity Rehab. Talk about capitalizing on someone else’s misfortune (or really bad judgement) although this might not be the best venue… Or it was the only one.

The PGA needs a Tiger free event.I need a Tiger free news day. Rachel needs help!

One thought on “T.G.I.F.

  1. MamasNotes July 19, 2010 / 10:29 pm

    You already know me pretty well! But I will indulge anyway, since you are the only reader who ever takes the time to comment on my blog!

    1) I really truly have no opinion, am technically a member of the liberal party but never worry about politics on a day to day basis.

    2) Mel, wow I don’t get it. From heart throb to maniac. From seemingly even keel in terms of Hollywood to totally off the wall. I guess it just goes to show what fame combined with arrogance can do to you.

    3) Sad sad case of too much, too fast, too young. With poor parent support/role models to help her cope with it all.

    4) Don’t watch golf, could careless about Tiger and what he is up to. Classic example of how often media talks out of both sides of their mouth…ohh Tiger such a bad person on one side and promoting the heck out of him on the other. Re the mistress of course she is going to use her first chance to get on reality TV, why else would she get involved in the whole Tiger situation if not ultimately hoping it would lead to her own 15 mins?


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