Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I like about our new house / neighbourhood

13. The neighbours. Not that the neighbours in our old neighbourhood were no good, it’s just that there were not that many kids on our end of the street. Our new neighbours have a ton of kids and nannies people walking in the streets. As well, while moving we left the doors open and neighbours actually came inside to welcome us. Very nice!
12. Stores – The stores, especially the restaurants, are way better in our new neighbourhood. Lots of good stuff to do, see and buy.
11. Parks – While our old neighbourhood had 4 parks within a 10 minute walk from our house, our new neighbourhood has 2 super-parks within 5 minutes from our house AND a mega-park 6 minutes away.
10. It’s more urban and I am, afterall, the Urban Daddy…
9. Schools – One of the main reasons to move was to be close to my son’s (and eventually kid’s) school. We are now within walking distance which is perfect as I walked to school, my wife walked to school and our kids should be able to walk to school.
8. Big basement – Without a garage, the basement is big, clean and functional. Plenty of room for the kids and the nanny and my wife’s crafts.
7. Toilet seats / cabinets – I know, I know, but hear me out. The toilet seats and cabinets cannot be slammed. All my kids have to do is slightly more the seat or lid forward and the damn thing slowly shuts itself… HOW COOL! And the kitchen cabinets, if someone – like my kids – try to slam them shut, the cabinets whip shut be a couple of inches before they would slam, they slow down and shut themselves silently… WOW.
6. A community orchard – This is right up my alley! A block away from our house is a community orchard which is nearing completion. I cannot wait to help grow raspberries and strawberries and waterchestnuts in this orchard – stuff which comes year after year.
5. Cool City Councillor – no offense to our older City Councillor, Karen Stintz who I think is awesome and will be mayor one day (if she wants to be). I helped raise some funds for Karen once she got elected and she has been great for the community, but our new City Councillor, Joe Mihevc has impressed me right away.

I reached out to Joe to see if there were any community groups / organizations which I could volunteer on and within an hour I had received an email from his executive assistant (EA) and then from him providing his personal contact information. He gave me a list of organizations and would like to meet with me to discuss involvement. Very cool…
4. Piano – We received a beautiful piano as a gift from our Real Estate Agent.
3. We also received a really big – not extremely big, but bigger than I have seen HDTV as a gift from my in-laws for the new house.
2. This house completely wired for everything so there are no spots in the house where I cannot get a wireless signal for my laptop as opposed to our old house where there was no where I could get wireless service.
1. It’s our 10-15 year home!


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Joe Mihevc July 26, 2010 / 4:30 pm

    Hi there,

    I’m an intern from Joe Mihevc’s office and though we know you have spoken to Joe, we just wanted to put a face and name to the blogger, as we now know you as two separate people. If you wouldn’t mind e-mailing our office at and just noting that you are the urbandaddy that would be great. Thanks a lot!


  2. Miskeen Clothing July 26, 2010 / 12:12 am

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