Thursday Thirteen

My Thursday Thirteen for this week is thirteen honest questions asked to me by young children, mostly my young children…

13.  Why are there no apples in the Apple store?

12.  Do they wear ties in thailand?

11. What are those? (points to cemetary) Are they mailboxes?

10. What are those? (points to cemetary one week later). His 5 year old brother replies, “They are stone monuments. There are dead people living under the ground under each stone. Living people live in houses. Ghost-is-is live under the ground.”

9. Why can’t I have chocolate at 10pm? (wailing)

8. Can I drive?

7. [brother} said I’m a baby… Am I a baby?

6. [brother] said there is a soup named after me called slow {brother} soup… Is there?

5. Can I go to your work instead of going to camp? [Me to him: Can I go to your camp instead of going to work?]

4. My 3-year-old is wailing, “Daddy… Is there really a flower called the Stewie-is-a-baby flower?” Me, “no”. Him to his 5-year-old brother, “SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!” Then he attacks him.

3. My 3-year-old is wailing, “Daddy… Is there really a game called the Stewie-is-a-baby game?!?” Me, “no”. Him to his 5-year-old brother, “SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!” Then he attacks him.

2. My 3-year-old is wailing, “Daddy… Is there really a food called the Stewie-is-a-baby food?!?!?” Me, “no”. Him to his 5-year-old brother, “SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!” Then he attacks him.

1. My 3-year-old is wailing, “Daddy… Is there really a place called the Stewie-is-a-baby place???” Me, “no”. Him to his 5-year-old brother, “SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!” Then he attacks him.

Good thing both boys are taking karate! My 5-year-old has learned how to defend himself from his 3-year-old brother’s attacks.

I thought he was going to thrown him down the stairs a couple days ago…

Good times indeed.


You are 8 months old today!

Happy 8 months to my little girl.

You are so different from your big brothers… You can sit on the bed, happily and play for around an hour. You love to happily warble away, while yanking at your feet, rolling front-to-back, then back-to-front, clapping your hands, or on your hands and knees rocking back and forth. You never stop… Like your big brother, Stewie.

Now you love to try and stand up (holding on to me very tightly, of course. You are so proud of yourself.  The world looks so different when you are standng, eh?

You toy with me when I feed you, pretending to sign the word, “more”, while saying it only to me, never to mummy.

You have that one little tooth on the bottom left of your mouth and have bitten me and mummy, although where you bite mummy hurts way more than me!

You love your brothers and your dolly (and bunny your brother bought you, and the ball we’ve passed from brother to brother to you, and your links…)

Your face lights up when you see your nanny, and her sister. You hated the cat, but are now becoming buds.

You are my princes. But not Ariel, or Cinderella… Princess Leia. You get to carry a blaster!

Happy 8th month birthday, sweetie. And thank you for finally showing signs of wanting to sleep through the night!

An urban daddy’s unhealthy product alert…

I wanted to re-post this article on a “nutritional” drink that I used to drink thinking it was good for me. I felt duped after reading this and will no longer be drinking these types of drinks.

One of my staff members was drinking this brand a few weeks ago and once I pointed out to him the wasted calories in this flavoured sagar-water, he too now refuses to buy more of it.

Please give this article a quick read and see how the marketers manipulated the ingredients to make it look healthy when in fact it is just flavoured sugar-water.

Will you buy this product again?

Apparently a lot of people won’t be buying it either and a lawsuit has been launched against Coca Cola, the manufacturer, by a non-profit organization which feels Coke made “unwarranted health claims” through this product.

Read attached;

I could not agree with the author more. When I saw the product was called “Vitamin Water” I assumed it was healthy, not akin to a soft drink with 33 grams of sugar per serving.

It is a marketing ploy gone wrong.

Personally, I would like back all the money I have ever spent on this product…

XM Radio success!

This post is about XM Radio.

I love my XM Radio. I’m addicted to it and the more driving I do, the more I realized how much I needed to have this.

My love of XM Radio stated when we bought our hybrid vehicle and it came with a six-month free satellite radio trial. I blogged in the past how I found stations like #48, Octane to be right up my alley, as well as my love of stations like Lithium (alternative rock), and Spectrum, which has the Jason Ellis show on it. The more I listened, the more addicted I got to the great quality sound and no commercials.

Anyways, not too long ago, the six-month trial ran out. I called the dealership,checked online, then called XM Radio to enquire about renewing the service.

They told me at that time that there was no promotion currently available and that the current prices were as follows;

1 year – $164.89 + tax
2 year – $329.78 + tax
5 year – $464.69 + tax
Lifetime – $549.99 + tax.

So I did not renew.

I have been, however, looking for a coupon code and calling back periodically speaking with different reps trying to score a deal.

On Monday of this past week, I came across this website;

They have a coupon on the site for $99.99/year, a savings of $65.00.

So I called them.

Apparently the coupon expired June 14th, but before I could say anything, the kind rep asked to place me on hold and less that a minute later came back saying if I would pay by credit card, they would accept that coupon.


The caveat to this deal is that after 1 year, if I do not call to cancel, they will automatically renew my service at the $164.89 for another year.

So I ran to my car, tuned into channel “1” and viola! 20 minutes later, I’m back in XM.

Since my morning and afternoon commute now hit the 40 minute mark, this luxury was even more important to help me keep my sanity.


I really felt like I needed to treat myself to this service after swearing up, down and sideways that I would never pay for radio.

With this additional expense, I have cut a magazine subscription that I had for almost 20 years, so I’m saving trees, saving $30.00 a year AND have kick-ass radio in my car.

Happy days in-deed.

City of Toronto Garbage / Recycling and Organic Waste Policies…

If you have been following my posts – or my status updates in Facebook, or my tweets, you would be aware that we recently packed up the family and with nanny and cat in tow, we moved.

Our new – more urban – house is great and we love the neighbourhood, but this house came without a garbage can, a recycling bin or a wet (organic) waste bin.

I think I could break into fort Knox faster than I could get this matter resolved.

Here is what has transpired…

Day one. Garbage piling up. Kids dirty diapers and wipes stinking up the joint. No garbage disposal so there are food bits and fruit flies everywhere. Boxes and recycling piling up. So I call the City…

Day two. City calls back and tells me that there was a medium recycling bin and a medium garbage can assigned to that house. They give me the serial number on the bin and ask me to… “investigate” the neighbourhood, including the neighbours bins to see if they took ours…

Day three. I walk around the mini block looking at garbage cans. They first 5 I see are not mediums, nor are they ours. Neighbours think I’m nuts.

I retreat back into the house but not before dropping the paper that had the serial numbers on it into a recycling bin.

Day four. I call back the City. They tell me that the City now needs to send inspectors out to look for the bins too and if they cannot find them (dead in a ditch somewhere?!?) then replacement bins will be on my driveway within 2 to 3 weeks.

Now I totally understand the City here, but let’s go back to day one and see what I wrote about the conditions of my new house… stinky kids diapers, rotting food…

So I wait… 3 weeks now… Taking my garbage

Until Thursday.

After escalating the matter on Wednesday, a City bin inspector (not his official title, but it’s what we need him to do) came by our house and found the bin! Yup. In our neighbours back yard where they are in the process of building a house.

So now we have a recycling bin.

The City bin inspector said he would bring by a garbage bin next week if he could not find it and since my wife was so excited and appreciative, he’ll bring by an organic waste bin too.


Now I just need the door on the space under our front stairs to keep the raccoons from opening my bin before I start filling it with wet, organic waste.

Let’s hear it for 311 (the city’s hotline).  So if you move and need a new bin, or a larger one, or you need to replace a broken one, and you live in the greater Toronto area, all you need to do is call 311 and you are connected to the City. 

Who knew?!?