Tornado in Midland Ontario tonight…

So there was a tornado tonight in Midland, Ontario…  An earthquake this afternoon and more severe weather throughout the night.

A question, however:

Why do all Tornado’s roll through trailer parks?!?


One thought on “Tornado in Midland Ontario tonight…

  1. Anna June 26, 2010 / 4:31 pm

    Unbelievable that my little home town got struck with a tornado. I live in Victoria BC now, so I had to watch the footage via YouTube.

    To comment on your question about why tornadoes seem to pick on trailer parks:

    I think that a tornado cannot do as much damage to solid brick structures, but to things that can be lifted such as trailers and transporter trucks, a tornado seems to spin items like that around like they were mere match sticks. A tornado will still do damage to strong structures, by blowing out the windows in it, or tearing off roof tops. But the entire building does not get flattened like trailers and vehicles do, so it does not look as dramatic as an entire trailer park razed to the ground. This is only my opinion. I must admit, that it does look like tornadoes do pick on trailer parks.


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