Happy Father’s Day, 2010!

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day and I have just Facebook status to wish all my friends who are fathers a very happy fathers day.  I feel like we’re part of a very exclusive, very cool club, as fathers – who are engaged, involved, and in there for our families for whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.

Personally, I really feel that being a dad, makes us guys very lucky… For most of us, pretty much every day is father’s day.

Yes, we don’t have to grow the child, carry it for 9 months, and birth it, have our bodies changed forever as a result, and if the child is breastfed only, we can’t help with that either.  So, we kind of get off easy, I guess.  Even if you love being a dad like I do, then it’s even better getting to help out in every way possible, it makes you want to be a stay-at-home dad (SAHD).

Regarding father’s day, I don’t need any fancy gifts from my kids – a hand made card is more than enough. I don’t need anything from my wife – she has already contributed more than her share to our family and is the reason that I’m a father.

That being said, are there rules about who gives and gets gifts on Father’s Day?  We gave to my father-in-law and wife’s grandfather (my father and both grand-fathers have sadly passed), and I received from my mother and sister… See how it’s odd?!? But all in all, hanging out with my entire family – wife and kids made the day super-special.  It’s all that I ask for.

Sure there are BBQ’s and some gifts exchanged, but it’s just not the same as say Mother’s Day. If anyone misses celebrating Mother’s Day, look out!  Without mother’s there would be no children, and there would be war and chaos everywhere.  Kids would eat junk food all day and play video games all night.  We love the mothers, and we need the mothers!

If Father’s Day celebrations were missed… It’s understood.  We go with the flow.

Take my weekend, for example…


I made the kids breakfast in the morning and we were about to sit down to enjoy a nice healthy bowl of organic fresh oatmeal, until I was attacked by my family with great gifts, beautiful cards and a lot of love! My 3-year-old son made a card for me in school where he has to fill in the blanks. So the first question was, “My Dad is ___ old”. He put 60. The next one was; “My Dad’s job is ____”. He put “Peeling apples”. The next one; “My Dad weighs ____”. He put “2000 pounds”. And there were more. LOL. I got an awesome book in gardening in small spaces. I CAN’T wait to read this book. It’s perfect! and my 6 custom tailored dress shirts from Maxwell the tailor showed up and my wife graciously paid the duty and included them in my gift. The shirts are… Interesting… 3 of them I love. One looks like a table cloth, one like wrapping paper and one… well… she said I need to keep 2 buttons open, hang big gold chains and put a ghetto blaster on my shoulder. It’s a little bit shiny… OK a LOT shiny.

After breakfast and lots of hugs and kisses, we set off to do some organic strawberry picking / strawberry buffet (fresh peas too) with our very cool cousins. We had a blast. We picked, ate and picked some more. I love strawberries!!!

After getting all covered in berries we went to have some yummy veggie Dim Sum for lunch at the Lotus Pond in Scarborough, about 25 minutes East of Toronto. We’ve been going there for years.

We headed home around 3pm so our 5-year-old, Linus, would have some rest before a 4pm birthday party.

After the party, it was a quick dinner, some packing and moving of boxes in the garage, then bed.


Sunday’s breakfast was yummy and simple, as we all ate Cheerios with fresh picked berries in it.  There is a reason the box has it pictured that way.  It’s so yummy.  Plus, we all loved the way the milk turned pink from the fresh, sweet berries.
Then it was off to karate class when both boys had awesome classes today.  Maybe it was because we dragged mummy and 6-month-old baby Boo along to watch Stewie try for his yellow advanced belt.

He was inspired, and he got it! He was SO excited. I was excited, but certainly not surprised.  That kid is all focus on the task at hand.  I wouldn’t be surprised if her surpassed his brother at karate within a year!  Then what to do?!?

I also like Sunday morning karate because I get to hang with Supernova Elliott for an hour, drink an XL double double Tim Horton’s coffee and talk about being Dad’s to 3 kids. We also talk music, about why our wives won’t eat red meat, and our frustration with people who hate for a living.

After karate we hit up a high-end men’s store in Toronto called the Coop for a present for my father-in-law, and after that myself and the boys walked down to the flower / plant sore for some tomato plants, flowers and a ficus benjamina for my wife.

I’m starting to notice that the kids really love flowers, and they’re getting the gist of what it takes to grow vegetables at home and why it’s a good idea to do so.

From there, we came home, cleaned the garage for a couple hours – packed more boxes – then set off to my inlaws for a BBQ. We had 4 generations of her family there. It was pretty amazing.

Then it was time to come home and put everyone to bed.

Before long it will be Monday and I get to witness the impact of the G20 on the streets of Toronto, firsthand… Can’t wait!


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