Taking the Kids on a Trip to Sleepyville…

I did not need to take the kids for a ride to sleepyville this weekend.

We had a busy, eventful weekend partly because of planned outings and partially because we can’t be home while there are showings of our house.

In the course of each day this weekend, all three kids nodded off and fell asleep while I was driving. That much needed rest got them through the day – and quite frankly allowed us to get through the day too. You know how horrible a day can turn when you have an over-tired child who will not give it up and sleep.

But in weekends past, it has not always been as easy as this past weekend was, on the sleeping front.

Normally in our household, by Sunday afternoon, the kids are over-tired and melting down. They are yelling, fighting, and trying to kill each other. Then come more tears.
I ask them to have a nap, but they refuse.
So I started taking them to “Sleepyville”.
Sleepyville, you see, is where I grab both boys, let them bring their favourite stuffed friend, and we all pile into the car for a drive. A long drive… I drive until both kids are sound asleep. Then I come home and sit in the driveway with them – reading a book – while they snore.
On a typicla trip to “Sleepyville”, my 3-year-old is out within minutes, but it takes the 5-year-old a little bit longer to give in to his exaustedness.

Usually once they both are out cold, I go to a local drive through Tim Horton’s and grab a large double double to keep me awake for the ride home. My favourite drive-thru’s (for those of you in the Greater Toronto area) are at Lawrence and Don Mills and at Leslie and 16th Avenue.

These trips to sleepyville, have required me to be pretty creative about my driving as I always like to stay at a good speed so they won’t wake up, or worse of all, miss their nap. I have drive on the 401 heading way out east, the DVP south or 404 up north. I’ve made it up to Stouffville (30 minutes north of the city) and we’ve driven through the Bridle Path and gawked at the multi-million dollar houses.

Each time they awake from our trip, each one will ask me if we made it to Sleepyville, to which I respond, “yes, but you were asleep so we came home.”

A couple months ago, my 5-year-old fought the urge to sleep and in my impatience and exhaustion, I went to Tim Horton’s before he was out for the count. He awoke while I was ordering my coffee and hew asked for a donut, which I declined, then a muffin, again no dice, then a yogurt, so I bought him a yogurt. The only catch was that he NOT tell his brother about the yogurt when his brother wakes up – his brother would be VERY upset. That boy loves his food.

Well, we sat in the car, and the second my 3-year-old awoke, there was his brother waving the empty yogurt container in his face.

Tears… Then wailing… So I rushed him into the house and got him his own yogurt so he would calm down.

Now, fast forward to a couple weeks ago. The kids are a complete mess and refusing to nap or rest, so I tell my wife that I’m taking them to Sleepyville.
At that moment, our 5-year-old smirks, then turns towards our 3-year-old and whispers;
“Stewie… Don’t worry. Sleepyville is really Tim Horton’s. They have yogurt there..”




2 thoughts on “Taking the Kids on a Trip to Sleepyville…

  1. Sarah June 21, 2010 / 7:32 am

    We have been known to do the same thing. By some luck of the draw once my guys go off to sleep, I can go home take them up to their beds and they continue sleeping! We tend to drive around parts of our neighbourhood. My son for awhile kept referring to the sleepy place, eventually he showed me that the sleepy place is a custom built house near us that I kept driving by to check the progress on (and hope to see a for sale sign on the lawn LOL) last year. Usually once we drive past that house he just seems to drift off, hence even he calls it the sleepy place!


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