Urban Daddy recommends: Smokes Poutinerie

1. Let’s talk about Poutine

I’ve had some really nice poutine and some really horrible stuff.  But a friend of mine suggested I try a place in downtown Toronto called Smoke’s Poutinerie.

He sent me a text message from the grand opening, to tease me no doubt.  I was home sick and him and his buddies were eating poutine with such interesting items as Montreal Smoked Meat, Chili, Curry, Chicken Peppercorn, Italian, Nacho Veggie and Pulled Pork.

So on I put my MBA hat and I go digging for information…  First I hit the website.  It’s fantastic! hey have a facebook page, a twitter feed and mouth-watering pictures of the food.


The location my buddy was at is the Queen Street one.

Poutine is an interesting food, and really it’s an occasional food for an Urban Daddy like me (although my wife loves the stuff). I’m not their target market. I’m getting older, my kids would love this stuff but it’s an occasional eat option for us. For University kids on the other hand this place rocks! They can eat the combination of cheese, gravy, fried and toppings often without packing on the pounds like someone of my vintage, for example.

Poutine is cool again!

Heck, they sponsored the Poutine Eating Championship’s recently.


So go down, have a bite and if you liked them, tell them the Urban Daddy sent you. If you hate them, blame my friend. I’ll give you his cell phone number. 🙂


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