An Urban Daddy Approved Product: Glass Straws by glass dharma

Boy, is this a great product for all of you with kids, who are worried about waste and the environment.

We bought these awesome glass straws from a place called glass dharma, and the kids just love them! We have some longer coloured straws and smaller plain glass straws. The straws are made in the USA (second best option to Canada, eh?) and if you buy a set, they come with a cleaning bristle in case stuff gets inside them.

They are better than plastic straws because they are easy to sanitize, they are re-usable and a real cost-effective purchase that kids just love!

Best of all, the straws come with a guarantee, so if your kids break them (and I don’t mean smashing them on the table until they break) you just package up the straw, mail them back to the company and “poof” they mail you back the re-blown straw, brand new and ready to be used and abused again.

The product… 10 out of 10.
The service… 10 out of 10.

Tell them the Urban Daddy sent you, when you order them online!

(I don’t get anything if you do order, but I have always wanted to say that!)


One thought on “An Urban Daddy Approved Product: Glass Straws by glass dharma

  1. Anna June 26, 2010 / 4:21 pm

    I am only a member of Penni Shelton’s fantastic raw food rehab website. It is designed to help people to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. I will be sure to let the other health conscious members know about these straws.You may want to check out Penni’s website. It has about 5,000 members, and Penni runs an exciting program on a continuing basis. Lots of free videos and photos, and recipes to see.


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