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Thursday Thirteen (Better Late than Never)

As I was pretty sick this past Thursday and I am only slowly starting to feel back to normal, I missed posting my Thursday Thirteen for this week… Until now!

Thirteen Thursday Thirteen’s I wanted to use this past week…

13. Thirteen things I hate about moving
12. Thirteen things my kids said that made me check their ID
11. Thirteen things I should get my wife for her birthday
10. My thirteen favourite Food Network shows
9. Thirteen things I like to do when home sick
8. Thirteen billion dollar ideas I have had in the past few years which amounted to poop
7. Thirteen items I found in the cupboard while packing that I forgot we had
6. Thirteen bad ideas for birthday parties for kids under 6 years old
5. My Thirteen favourite samples tasted at McEwan’s
4. Thirteen odd things found in my kids pockets while hanging the laundry
3. Thirteen items to not have within the reach of children in their playroom
2. Thirteen reasons why we don’t allow our 3-year-old to “make the rules”
1. Thirteen things to keep a family busy out of the house while a showing(s) are going on.



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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen (Better Late than Never)

  1. If you can name 13 things to keep a family with 3 young children busy and still sane in one weekend, I will seriously give you an award!

    I totally agree with her comment!!!


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