Just order the damn coffee!

I was standing in line at the Tim Horton’s near my office and the only person in front of me was a Chinese man about 10 year older than me. He was trying to facilitate the purchase of breakfast for his wife who was sitting half-way across the shop from him.

He was standing not that close to the front of the line, but mid-way between the front of the line and the display windows of all the donuts and muffins.

Clearly, although he was speaking in Chinese, he was getting frustrated that his wife could not decided on something to eat, and boy was he trying his hardest to get her to choose something so he could order and not hold up the line.

Let’s pretend for a minute that all the characters I am about to type are Chinese words. I will attempt to re-create the situation to see if any of you find the humour in it as I did.

Him, yelling;

“&*^%$#$%^&^%$#%^&^% Cinnamon Raisin #$%^*&^#$%&^%$%&^.

@#$%^&*(*^%#$%^&(*^&%#& Boston Creme %$#^&*$%#$%$&^$#

#$%^&*^&%^$#$&^$@ Banana Nut #$%^$&^$@$#%&^$#%& Oatmeal Raisin %$^$$^%#$^&%^$#%&^ Chocolate @#$&^%#$%&^$#& Strawberry!!!!!!!!!

Getting frustrated now…

$#%^&*(&^%$#*^%&$^#$%*&$ YOGURT??? $%^&%^$#%&$^%^$#%^& DUTCHIE??? $%^%&*^&%^#%$&*%&%#^$^* HONEY GLAZED???…

Then he walked up to the cash and calmly ordered two medium regular coffees.

I wish I knew what else he was saying to her…

I think everyone in line felt bad for him but we were all smiling when he finally ordered. I suspect the whole time she was probably just telling him to not eat that crap and just order the damn coffees!

BTW, the new strawberry shortcake cookies are FANTASTIC!


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