Douche Bag, indeed…

On Friday, I was listening to the radio – 97.7 HTZ FM – with my 5-year-old son in the back seat and after Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns “n” Roses finished, the DJ (do we still call them that?) begun telling a story.

Kristy Knight, the DJ’s name, started telling a story about a tragedy at the Niagara Zoo this past weekend where, she said on air, “some douche bag broke into the zoo and with a pellet or BB gun shot and killed a bunch of animals”.

Having turned down the radio so my son won’t hear about “killing”, I immediately heard this from him in the back seat…


“Yes son”, I replied.

“What is a douche bag?”


“She said, feed bag, son”, I quickly responded with.

“Oh, ok… Why did they kill all those animals, daddy?”

“The feed bag must have been for the animals… Remember buddy, some foods we eat are animals which must be killed so we can eat them. I’m sure that is what she was talking about.”

“Oh, ok. But daddy… how could the food kill the animals? How did a cucumber kill an animal?”

“Hey, look, buddy. We’re almost home!!!”

Distracted he drops the topic.

Note to self: Remember that kids listen to the radio too. Now I’m stuck listening to stations like Boom 97.3 only as I cannot trust the other stations… Damn.

Last thing I need is for him to go to school on Monday and remember the words douche and bag… Then again, knowing my son, it would figure.


9 thoughts on “Douche Bag, indeed…

  1. ModernMom June 9, 2010 / 11:48 am

    🙂 I think you covered very well! My girls are 8 and 11 and there are even some songs on the radio I have to turn off before we get to the hard hitting questions!


  2. urbandaddy June 9, 2010 / 8:44 am

    Mamasnotes – Our kids are at that age where they become sponges. It’s not just the radio. If they don’t hear it on the radio, they’ll hear it at school, or from a friend.

    I already tried the “CD in car” technique, and this is what happened;

    We had a conversation about evolution vs creationism.

    As parents we have to be on the ball all the time. I stopped yelling at cars all together (and I’m quite the talker in the car) and I’m getting used to not being able to listen to good old rock adn roll in the car in favour of the same kid-friendly CD over and over again.


  3. mamasnotes June 9, 2010 / 7:48 am

    While driving with the kids this morning there was a discussion about banana spilts, with nuts and a cherry…seemingly innocent but with the underlying tones definitely not innocent. When my 4 yr old asked why they were talking like that about a banana split I had a quick flash of reading this post the other day…and then I told him they were just tired so they weren’t making sense because it was so early in the morning!
    The two thoughts in my head were: must go back and read urban daddy’s post on this and from now on kids in car means cd on stereo.


  4. urbandaddy June 8, 2010 / 10:12 am

    Mapsgirl – Because my 5-year-old is SO much like me, I’m concerned that if I tell him not to say / repeat a word, it will be interpreted by him that he should not say it in front of adults or he’ll get in trouble but ok to call his brother over and over again until his brother bites him.

    How have you approached it with your 5yo? Is it working?


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