Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about that annoy me in Spring time.

13. Spring comes, then summer begins and with that grass and trees grow too. That being said, it would be REALLY nice if everyone walked to the front of their property and looked to see if any trees blocked the sidewalk or view of the street. It’s dangerous getting to intersections and not being able to see what is coming from the side streets due to the foliage. I remember having to duck under trees and around overgrown bushes on my way to the subway in the morning.

12. Crossing intersections with cars who don’t stop, or who just roll through, or glare at me with that annoyed look as I cross the street. I’m sorry. It’s raining, or very hot. I’m walking and you are in a car and you are NOT getting wet/hot. Warm weather does not give you the right to drive like an maniac (read: BMW drivers!)

11. Idiots like my neighbour who leaves dangerous garbage on his curb, like boards with nails in them or those long fluorescent light bulbs which get broken. The glass / woods sits on the end of the curb until the wind of rain blows it away. There is no snow to hid the junk anymore. If there is glass on the street, there is a good chance that a child will pass it by, hopefully in shoes or sandals.

10. Idiot bikers who don’t ever stop at stop signs, or wear helmets.

9. The “cool dudes” who blast their crappy dance music, arm hanging out the window in their little suped-up hatchback with double exhaust and spoiler. In the winter you don’t see these creatures…

8. Weeds… I gave up on my lawn

7. People who complain about the heat. Are you the same noobs who complain about how cold it is?!?

6. Construction

5. BBQ’s… No one invites me!

4. Having to work in casual business attire instead of shorts and a t0shirt

3. Early child wake-up.

2. Sunburn

1.  Allergies / Mosquitos and the smell of poo on the lawn. I pretty much detest all three, but having to look in the lawn for that poo because your nose detected it is probably the worst.

What do you hate about Spring time?!?


One thought on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. MamasNotes June 3, 2010 / 9:32 pm

    AMEN to #10!! I can’t stand those bikers who have no respect for the rules of the roads…and then blame the cars when they get injured.

    To #3 can I add late bedtime as they say, “The sun is still awake so it is not bedtime yet:.


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