G20 Summit to cripple downtown Toronto beginning June 7th.

The G20 Summit is coming to Toronto.

While it would be nice to see some of the world leaders, possibly listen to their discussions or even hear debates on the policies of these world leaders from these 20 countries, that won’t be possible.  It turns out that there are some people (a bunch of lunatics) who are intent on furthering their own agendas and feel that by protesting and threatening violence they can achieve their goals.  It is these threats of violence and destruction which are responsible for a security fence which will cripple the downtown Toronto core weeks prior to the event.

The fence will be built beginning June 7th and is outline in this map; http://www.g8-g20isu.ca/g20/resources/10-05-28-map.pdf  in yellow as being the security perimeter. Construction of this fence will go on 24 hours a day until it is completed.

The actual summit / meeting of world leaders, is due to take place between June 26-27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Some things about this summit have irked me;

1. The cost of 1.1 billion dollars for security to ensure the world leaders are safe. This money would have been better spent on subways.
2. Protestors. These guys come in by the boat load aimed at causing chaos, confusion and destruction to this city. They have even set up a webpage with the location and types of protests.  It can be seen here;
3. That the Federal government who are hosting this event are not holding themselves responsible for damage to buildings stemming from protests. I’m a Conservative guy, but really? I think the fact that they expect insurance will take care of it is okay, but the Feds need to ensure any business or building damaged as a result of this event is fixed at no cost to the owner.

Do we really need this in our city?!?  I believe if any group is intent on, or have even said that they will be responsible for unrest, damage to world leaders of this City, that the RCMP should round them up now and hold them until August.  Better yet, don’t let them in the country.   If the protestors organizers are influencing the masses to cause trouble, throw them in jail for disturbing the peace and charge them!   Be proactive, not reactive.

Being reactive gives publicity these organizations the publicity they want.

I’m not sure how bringing to the world’s attention Canada’s treatment of the native people back in 1867 is going to make a stitch of difference for those living in Cambodia, or anada today.

I wish for the sake of the already short summer’s in Canada and the poor businesses who may be are being forced to shut down for this event, that the protestors keep it civil and allow the RCMP and local police the opportunity to scale down… That way everyone wins.


One thought on “G20 Summit to cripple downtown Toronto beginning June 7th.

  1. urbandaddy June 2, 2010 / 11:08 am

    An update from yesterday;
    Beginning this week, all the mailboxes, newspaper boxes and bus shelters from the restricted area will be removed.

    I guess there is some concern that some bad individual may want to cause hard to a world leader waiting for a bus, so better to take them all way… OR keep the leaders away from the common folk.

    It’s all fucked up!


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